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  1. dalmatin13

    light standards for corals

    Guys, I’m going to mount 4 bulbs with these parameters in my T5 panel https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/ballasts/fluorescent-ballasts/1854552_flft521w835_fulham-lighting/ it is 21W or to take something brighter?
  2. dalmatin13

    light standards for corals

    the new LED panel will be expensive I think. Is it really consumes less energy? Is it worth of spent $$$?
  3. dalmatin13

    the sand

    I want to buy green palys, leather and pipe corals, and some hard corals.
  4. dalmatin13

    light standards for corals

    Hi, Here is another question from the newbie.. Well, I really can’t understand the light parameters for the reef tank. Are there any standards to follow? I have currently the old fish tank panel that would be suitable for 90gal tank. Can I use it for my future corals? Thanks
  5. dalmatin13

    the sand

    Hi Folks, what type of white sand do you buy for your reef tanks? I want it to be always pure (if it is possible). Should I buy fine sand or not? thanks
  6. dalmatin13

    new person

    Hello! I’m Fred. I want to keep the corals. I hope to learn about the reef tanks here.