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  1. sorry to let you down jimmy, but i'm not a buckeye (or any sports team) fan lol. thanks for the suggestions on shops!
  2. Hey everyone, moving from Columbus, Ohio to Portland here in the next few months (hopefully) and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on apartment complexes/management companies/etc that are aquarium friendly. Currently i have a 75g mixed reef that i plan on moving with and upping to a 120, also have some smaller salt (a mantis shrimp in one, a mated pair of yashas in another) and freshwater (betta picos, betta sorority and a ninja betta pair) so any help in narrowing down my search would be much much much appreciated also, if anyone has some recommendations on where i might look to pick up a new tank and stand (especially any shops that drill tanks) that would be helpful as well. look forward to swapping and gabbing with all of you in the future -stephen