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  1. Trenton Henderson

    Auto Top Off Pump

    I am going to get the Hydor Smart Level ATO. It will be placed in a 20 gallon reef tank. Will an Aqualifter pump be fast enough, or will I need a bigger pump? Thanks, Trenton
  2. Trenton Henderson

    Fish for 20 Gallon Reef

    Thanks. That's what I thought was probably going to be the best route.
  3. Trenton Henderson

    Fish for 20 Gallon Reef

    I was just curious about what fish I could put in this aquarium. I know it is very limited. I am planning on a pair of clowns, a pair of firefish, possibly a tailspot blenny, and a goby and pistol shrimp pair. I would really like a six line wrasse, but they can be a pain in the you know where. I had one in my 55 that was super peaceful though. What are some other options? Thanks, Trenton
  4. Trenton Henderson

    Plans for an Aggressive 55 Gallon

    I was curious of these fish would be compatible: antenna lionfish, mobasa lionfish, snowflake eel, and a flame angel or coral beauty angel. What else may be compatible? Thanks, Trenton
  5. Trenton Henderson

    Plans for an Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20 Reef

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Trenton Henderson

    Plans for an Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20 Reef

    Do you hand dose? If so, what do you dose?
  7. I'm planning on getting an Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20. I already have a Kessel for it, and I am getting the new Vortech MP10QD. I am planning on getting SPS, and I wasn't sure if I need to dose supplements in that small of a tank. If I did bimonthly water changes, would that be enough to replace the calcium, magnesium, and other important elements? If I would need to dose, what would be the easiest and most effective way to do it? Thanks, Trenton
  8. Trenton Henderson

    Mysteriously Yellow Eye Kole Tang Dies

    I don't have coral, so that is ruled out.
  9. Trenton Henderson

    Mysteriously Yellow Eye Kole Tang Dies

    This morning I was doing my daily feeding; I didn't notice my tang as he is usually a feeding hog. I looked behind my rock work and saw that it was dead and being eaten by my hermit crabs and two skunk cleaner shrimp. Yesterday it was just fine. It fed as normal and acted no different than usual. No disease is within the aquarium. All this to say I believe it was killed by my livestock. Here is a list of fish and inverts that might have had something to do with it: Male/ female pair ocellaris clowns Red firefish Gold head sleeper goby Tiger jawfish Bangaii Cardinal Yellow watchman with pistol shrimp Pair of skunk cleaner shrimp Hermit crabs (small) If any of these could have gone rogue, please let me know. Thanks, Trenton
  10. Trenton Henderson

    Yellow Eye Kole Tang Aggression

    My yellow eye kole is being aggressive towards my gold head sleeper goby. His burrow is in the tangs territory, but always has been. The tang's aggression started about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes he won't bother him when he is swimming in the middle of the tank. Will this stop? They were both quarantined together. Thanks, Trenton
  11. Trenton Henderson

    More Firefish

  12. Trenton Henderson

    More Firefish

    My tang is settling it's territory. It would be helpful to add a couple I think. It's three to one too.
  13. Trenton Henderson

    More Firefish

    I have one red firefish, and I am planning on adding another red and two purples. Will this make my current firefish be more brave and stay out more? He can be reclusive at times. No worries about food though. He does great with feeding. Thanks, Trenton
  14. Trenton Henderson

    Yellow eye kole tang chasing gold head sleeper goby

    It's a 55 gallon. It's not a big tang, so there isn't a problem with room. The goby had his own hole, and the tang never hides, he's everywhere. There is almost wall to wall rock. There is one place where there isn't rock, but the goby isn't over there. Will all of this end?
  15. In the last couple of days, my yellow eye kole tang started chasing my gold head sleeper goby. I introduced both of them simultaneously about a month ago. He isn't always chased around, but he has been frequently. The tang nipped at his rear fin and the dorsal fin. The tang has a nipped spot on his tail, and a couple of skin abrasions. Is this all of a sudden a territorial dispute that will go away, or should I be concerned? Thanks, Trenton