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  1. Nice to finally have some color in the tank
  2. I am not sure about that I can test you a pic of it. If I remember right it says blue wave on the ballast I don't know to much about them. call or text me if you would like some more iinfo 503 268 9511 thaks
  3. I bought my tank used from saltwater phantasys and it came with 2 MH lights. I have not used them and would like to trade them for some corals.
  4. kona26

    Where to put my light..?

    thank you for the info. I have been struggling to learn about where to place my corals in my tank.
  5. Hello....so I have been going back and forth on the this for awhile. I am not sure where to have my light. I know there is a few things that go into it but I am trying to learn what I shouldn't do. I have a 125g long it is 73 L 24 H 18 W . I have a 80w 6 bulb ati sunpower....2 blue + 2 coarl + 1 purple + . The light is 4.5 in off the top of the water. My corals range from almost to the surface of the water to almost on the sand bed. I just not sure about coral placement. I have 1 rock with some zoas on it the I have close to the sand bed so about 25in from the light. I also have some hard corals that are about in from the light. I just bought a good size frag from up scales and do not want to see it die on me.
  6. kona26

    blue 55g drum for trade

    still here if anyone wants it
  7. kona26

    blue 55g drum for trade

    Yeah it's yours if you would like it
  8. kona26

    Free. 55 g water jug

    First one gets it Sorry won't hold Call 503 268 9511. Location beaverton off 185th and farm
  9. hello I have a 55g drum tha I was going to use for my water changes but ended up going with something else....I was just by a fellow reefer and has a hold cut in the top to add salt....would like to trade for a coral...I newer into corals and don't have much in my tank ....leme know if interested .... if no takers I will just give it away
  10. kona26

    First night in Kona

    Nice pic
  11. kona26

    FS: Brand new..!! Never used x2 RW20

    pumps pending I have 5 interested will go down the line as they came in ..... moses ... jorge... mandinga ... so on .... will update if one falls through