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  1. Looking to throw in the next level of filtration, and i don't want to drain or move the tank to put in a sump. i am looking for sheets of acrylic that are at LEAST 21 inches tall and 6 inches wide (if two Sheets) and 12 inches wide if one sheet. prefferible black. Free is best but i am up for trades or willing to spend a little dough. LONGVIEW/ Kalama area, willing to meet, but, be gentle on distance. PS... If you have old over flow boxes, i would LOVE to take a look!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Freshwater fish Post

  3. Freshwater fish Post

    so, i know most who have saltwater, might also have fresh, so i was wondering who on here who has a freshwater tank? i'd like to see it! also, if anyone raises discus or is trying to sell them for cheap, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!
  4. 39 display set up for sale

    Got one offer of 200, but not sure if i want to sell it to this guy, so i guess its a good price to start at.
  5. 39 display set up for sale

    Basic setup, smoth river rock as sub-straight. comes with heater, filter, stand. i set up a discus tank and decided to stick with freshwater, I change my mind more than my socks. plus i need some cash. great quarintine, never killed a fish. make an offer.
  6. 39G Tank possible sale

    ok... thanks
  7. 39G Tank possible sale

    Deleated due to forum rules
  8. cheto moss/sand

    Thanks to my uncle, i have my 38 up and cycleing, but with it came way too much Cheto Moss, and the Substraight is not what i was looking for... So if anyone is in need of a good fuge Plant, its good for a trade or sale. Also, i Am looking for some live sand for cheap!
  9. crap. never mind. i never look at the location
  10. got a buyer for the fourty. he has been looking for a while now.
  11. looking for extra equpment/ideas

    But yeah. If you got an old sump and heading to Longview in the next week or so, let me know.
  12. looking for extra equpment/ideas

    No pictures yet... Maybe in about a week. It is still with my uncle.
  13. looking for extra equpment/ideas

    and of course corals if you got 'em. the tanks been set up for years, its being given to me.
  14. looking for extra equpment/ideas

    got a cyled 38, with over the back, cheap protine skimmer, heater, all that jazz, but id like to go sump, and i need power heads .
  15. looking for extra equpment/ideas

    could someone reply to this post so i know it is working?