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  1. does it come with the lights, rock and sand also?. im looking into buying a new complete set up i was gone and left the parents to care for the tank for 3weeks and i got back, ruined. only fish are still alive and i have a huge cyano outbrake so i just want a new tank and take that one down its small anyways only a 30gallon
  2. GuitarGuy

    sand for setting up a new tank

    ok thank. i just had a problem with my tank. i was gone for 3 weeks and left the parents to care for it. did one water change, put no additives in and all my coral and inverts dies. worms died have a huge nitrate spike so now im wanting a new tank and make it extremley healthy. i also have cyano now to so i wont transfer anything to a new tank
  3. GuitarGuy

    sand for setting up a new tank

    im setting up a new tank and i was wonder could i save money and by most the sand i need dry and then get mabe 20 pounts for a 55gallon tank of live sand. or should it all be live sand because i dont have a whole lot of money between the light,rocks, and sand
  4. GuitarGuy

    gone and left parents to care for tank

    no, nothing metal has fallen into the tank. i think im going to buy a tank already setup off craigslist this weekend or something. give my fish and coral an iodine dip and put them into the new tank and see if they get any better. i just dont think i can wait long enough for a new one to cyle and then ill just break down the tank. recure everything to get the cyano off and put it in the new tank if thats a good idea? iv only been in this for a year so im still somewhat new to this
  5. GuitarGuy

    gone and left parents to care for tank

    no i perposly put it in the basement so it wouldnt get to hot itt stayed cool down there the whole time. lower than the tanks temp and its not by any windows either
  6. GuitarGuy

    gone and left parents to care for tank

    i did probly a 40% water change. they say they did them but they said they never put any of the additives in the tank so that could be why the fish are fine. lots of dead worms though could be a spike from them. i ran out of testing stuff though so i need to go down and have it tested at the petstore. i am for sure getting a bigger tank though as soon as possable.
  7. i left for 3weeks and left my parents to care for my 30gallon saltwater tank and i get back and have cyano everywere, my anemone is dying, brittle star lost its tenticles and rippied apart and dies, toadstool isnt perked up and is looking color,mass and is shrivling. fish are fine all snails are now dead. any idea its getting worse. im saving money for a bigger tank but idk if i can affort to wait 8weeks and i dont have enought to buy other than tank and sump