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  1. I'm selling my 30 gallon starfire glass cube with stand and all equipment for 200 bucks, I also have an ocean revive led I'll throw in for 50 more so 200 for tank and stand and 250 with lights. Text is preferred 541-359-5928 I'll send you pictures or you can see them in my threads
  2. kschaefers

    Looking to relocate some stuff

    Stuff has been donated, please close thread
  3. kschaefers

    Looking to relocate some stuff

    Be advised, I do have an unknown algea growth on my lr. I'm going to try some chemiclean but I'm not positive if it's cyano so it could still be there. It Green with what looks like small mushrooms
  4. Looks like it's time to take my tank down, I thought I could handle more hours at work, my tank and a new puppy but I was wrong. I'm looking to GIVE all the contents of my tank to someone who doesn't have the money to fund this hobby themselves. I will be keeping all my equipment, but the rock, coral, sand and fish (i have 1 royal gramma left) will be donated. I don't want someone who won't take care of this either, if there are any tft people in Eugene I would be willing to donate to them. I would prefer an email over a pm or a reply so I can get back to you faster so email me at Kellyschaefers@gmail.com if you know of anyone or if you are interested. Also, I'll be making sure that the person I'm giving this to actually needs it and isn't just someone looking for free rock and coral so don't be greedy, thanks!
  5. kschaefers

    moving, i need some advice

    Ya I was thinking baiting the two with food or something and trying to get them out of the den, if any of you have and extra buckets or anything I could use for transporting water and rocks that would be really helpful I have a few but not enough to empty the tank
  6. kschaefers

    moving, i need some advice

    So at the end of the month I'm moving and every day that goes by I get more worried about how I'm going to move this tank. Catching the fish shouldn't be a problem besides the pistol shrimp and goby but I'm not sure what to do about water storage and transport and all that. I'm in need of some helpful information so I don't screw this up, I know its probably easy but I tend to over think things.
  7. kschaefers

    Breaking down tank. All livestock must go! :/

    Yep, I just wish that hammer was this up for grabs! I need to log on more often apparently
  8. kschaefers

    Help with LED

    Ya he helped me out its really pretty simple once you figure it out, how many drivers do you have and how many leds are you setting up
  9. kschaefers

    Help with LED

    I would say I could help but I'm down in eug, there is a bunch of DIY threads with pictures and detailed instructions on how to go about it
  10. kschaefers

    fragging questions

    So I have a colony of ricordias that is over growing the plug it was on its basically growing around it and I want to try and relocate them all to a larger rock what is the best way to go about doing this? I have frag glue but i ve never done this before and I don't want to kill anything
  11. kschaefers

    No more sps for me...

    Are you gonna be at home today? I'll come take a look I might be by the shop too if you're there
  12. kschaefers

    Euegene area reefers only

    I can put it under my leds and see if that works, I've had a lot of success with anything I've put in my tank since I've had them
  13. kschaefers

    pistol shrimp questions

    Thanks for the help, that link has some good info
  14. kschaefers

    pistol shrimp questions

    So I've had my tiger pistol watchmen goby pair for about 9 months now, they are pretty much my favorite pair in the tank and over the last 9 months both have grown about three times their original size which is cool but I've been noticing random things missing from the tank since. I think with their bigger size they have grown to be more aggressive, last night I woke up to a clicking sound and I knew what it was so I jumped up and the shrimp jetted back to his hole and the goby had a large piece of something in his mouth almost half he size of him which I assume is either a hermit or a snail, so what I'm wondering, is there any sort of critters or crabs they prefer to eat other then the ones that I buy to clean? I know its not very expensive but I feed them during the day and and if they are feeding again at night I don't want to have to go buy more snails and what not once a week because they keep killing them off, if you have any suggestions please let me know.
  15. kschaefers

    back in action

    Yes I do, I have everything set up so hopefully I don't have a repeat