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  1. Dr. Rockso's first reef... 20L

    Some more random pics:
  2. Dr. Rockso's first reef... 20L

    Here is my first adventure into SW tanks... I've had freshwater fish since I was in my early teens. New world cichlids, Frontosa tanks, etc. This is my first reef tank, and everything seems to be going splendidly so far. (clap) Fish: 2 Occelaris Clowns 1 Bicolor Blenny Corals: Frogspawn GSP Mean Green Zoas Kenya Tree Green encrusting Acan Other lifeforms: Yellow Polyps x3 Blue leg hermits Snails galore very small ball anemone Various Macros Right after cycle: Added an AC110(fuge mod), more rock: Today(11/8/2010):
  3. WTB: Chaeto!

    Actually I randomly scored some for free off a guy on Saturday when I went to pick up some Zoas off of him. Thanks though!
  4. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Here ya guys go. Took this FTS today.
  5. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Current 4x24w T5HO
  6. WTB: Chaeto!

    Ok, lets try this. Anyone outside of the Seattle area want to priority mail me some chaeto?
  7. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    C-C-C-C-You knows it, baby.
  8. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Very much so. the tank is only a few months old, and is now ready for corals. Picking up some Zoas, and some GSP on saturday. (clap) I'll take pics of the tank once I get them in and they open up.
  9. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Bingo! Thanks
  10. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Ah, here's an FTS I took right after cycle. Looks quite different now. Plus the crappy Current bulbs that were in my fixture made it look even worse. haha
  11. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    I haven't taken any pics for a while. It's still pretty fresh. Just starting to add corals. I'll snap an FTS this weekend. Here are a couple from a little while back... I've since added a AC110(fuge mod), rescaped, and cleaned up the overall aesthetics Blenny laying claim to his new rock.
  12. WTB: Chaeto!

    Lookin to pick up a green hairball for my fuge. Anyone in the Seattle area need to trim their bush?
  13. Just found this cool forum. Came over from Nano-reef.com. My name's Chris. I have a 20l nano-reef right now. 2 baby Occ's a bicolor blenny, and some softies. Looking forward to finally gettin in the loop with the crazy locals.