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  1. I was writting this to post into my introduction thread but it disappeared. So I hope it is ok to post this here. I don't know how to get a bunch of quotes into one post plus now I can't find the thread so I am just going to address this to the group. After a reference was made to me in a pm about my thread I thought I should take a quick glance. I really don't know what to say, in a way I feel like I am supposed to validate myself here. This is one of the main reasons that we don't like to discuss these things with outsiders. I am not going to discuss my personal life that is in question because to be frank it is none of your concern. I don't own a computer or digital camera because like I said we are a simple family, but I am starting to appreciate technology more now a days. The most advanced thing in our house is probably my tank or my phone. Part of me is sympathetic to the responses expressed here because I witnessed first hand how my friends changed when all of this happened. But the other part of me finds this very discouraging. I don't expect anyone here to understand unless you have been here. Isaac, I think you might have me confused with somebody else. I did not buy any corals today. I have been busy preparing for some personal matters and have not visited any stores. I have heard some good things about you though and hope to visit your shop one day. Eric, I am sorry if you feel decieved, but I hope you understand my situation and why I don't talk about it. If you want I can come by tomorrow morning and reimburs you for your loss. I did not take any insult from your comment, I do understand why you would feel like that. We were grateful for the opportunity to meet you and for the corals that we received. I appreciate the invites I have received for the meeting but I cannot attend due to previous engagements. I feel I should say I do not feel very welcome here so to be quite honest I am not sure this is the type of environment I wish to be around. I have noticed that there are far fewer members here than on some of the other sites I have been referred to and I can only assume that it is for reasons such as this. I am sorry if I have caused any termoil within this club, I might stick around to see if this is the normal attitude here, but at this time I just don't feel this is the place for me. God bless all of you.
  2. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    With the size of your, frags who needs freebies?
  3. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    We are rather modest people and don't much care for the attention. It has allowed us to spend a lot mre time with friends and family. We actually strive to melt in with everyone else so we don't stand out. But we know people unemployed with nicer tanks, we at least more expensive looking. I am sure it will get better as I get more comfortable.
  4. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    I really don't like talking much about it, people get the wrong idea. Long story short my wife got a couple numbers right on the California Lotto a couple years back.
  5. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    I certainly hope so, but I am only 30 so I hope to have a way to go before I find out. But I really hope so, my grandfather lived until he was 104, if I can just get close to that it would be amazing. I had no corals and fish when we moved here so it was just a dry tank.
  6. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    Did I ? I should have put that as my hobby, I will change that. I do not work anymore, I am retired.
  7. cyberboy

    WTT blue honrnet and pink zipper

    Ok, I understand. I was only curious, I recently picked one up and I am hoping to get another tomorrow. They are very nice, why are you parting with yours?
  8. cyberboy

    WTT blue honrnet and pink zipper

    What are you looking to get for the blue hornet? Do you have a picture? I would like to compare it to the one I just got.
  9. cyberboy


    I don't know if this is an acceptable conversation topic here so I apologize now if it isn't. I have been playing the new Metroid Other M and got to wondering if there were other Metroid fans out there. I have been addicted to Metroid since the original, and although I have mixed feelings over Other M I do like it. The graphics are intense and the moves and stuff are great, I think the only downfall to this game is the storyline. What is your favorite Metroid game, on what console, and why?
  10. cyberboy

    Hi, I am new here

    Moved here from Pasadena, actually Alhambra but I don't think many would know where that is but it borders Pasadena. Moved here to assist my mother in law in taking care of her mother as her health issues are starting to add up.
  11. cyberboy

    using steel shelving for tank stands

    I know back home metal stands are nothing new, they are using a spray designed for truck bed liners to coat the metal.
  12. cyberboy

    retro VHO setup

    This is a good deal, if I didn't just upgrade my lights I would take this.
  13. cyberboy

    College Football 2010!!

    Time to make some local enemies GO TROJANS! Safe bet on the field and in the sack.
  14. cyberboy

    Visited some stores.

    Thank you again and no tthe magician and blow pops are fine, I just forgot them on my list.
  15. cyberboy

    Visited some stores.

    Ocean in a box, we are planning a trip into Washington in the next week or two. My wife wants to see Seattle. I am going to plan on visiting some stores there. Gradth, I can't find Cayes in the sponsor section.