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  1. CA2OR

    Laptop Batteries

    shouldn't be much of a difference except price. Most likely your "depot" one wont live up to the hype with the whole better power and so on, but it will save you money. Just make sure it actually fits your laptop. Look at it this way, if it only costs you a third or even half of what your actual manufacturer wants then you can buy 2 or 3 replacements for the same cost as the one from Dell or whoever. I would Google the company and see what complaints there are out there. They might be known for fighting warranty work and always blaming user error which violates warranty or something. Just look into them BEFORE you purchase. One of the benefits of buying from say BMW for my car parts is I know they have a rep to uphold. Same with computer parts. for the most part anyway. You get the idea.
  2. CA2OR

    Getting Rid Of Hair Algae

    works well agreed Works well will expand on aptasia in a second.....
  3. CA2OR

    Five Guys or In-n-Out

    In-n-Out hands down. 5 guys is alright....even great if you haven't had In-n-out
  4. CA2OR

    WTB: Aiptasia

    ok....I have a monster aptasia for you if you wish though....and it is on back wall so it is easy to remove.
  5. CA2OR

    WTB: Aiptasia

    I have a few rocks you can have. I don't know if they like Mojano's as well but if so I have a few of those too....and you will get some freebie Tyree Tri Color acro with it. I am just waiting for mojano's to kill it anyway.
  6. This was taken during our visit in Cali....Dexter who is 20 months found another toddler just older than 2....the rest continued throughout the day and made quite a few patents in the hospital happy Gets cute around 20 seconds or so. Mind you they never met before....this was pretty much their first encounter...they actually saw eachother just around the corner about a minute before this was taken.
  7. CA2OR

    WTB 1" True union ball valve

    Frank. I have one that is brand new. But I wont know if I need it till after I return from CA and Snowpunks gets over to my house. If I don't need it it's all yours.
  8. CA2OR

    sump with refugium

    still interested. Let me know if I should get a bucket of sand ready. This is not sand from my current running display....it is unused as far as I know.
  9. CA2OR

    Aiptasia in the refugium

    one of the main issues with leaving it alone is that there is potential for it to spread into display....and that is a whole new can of worms right there.
  10. CA2OR

    Aiptasia in the refugium

    You could just pick up some peppermint's to take care of the aptasia....they wont do any harm staying down there afterwards....shoot....maybe they will breed.
  11. CA2OR

    Fuge setup help

    I have heard that too. Let me know how your research goes.
  12. CA2OR

    Fuge setup help

    oh....I don't think you mean it that way. I have had a harli too and had to do exactly what you are saying so I understand. You are safe with me.....no worries.
  13. CA2OR

    Fuge setup help

    Better be careful saying that....others might think you enjoy it. What are you using to cut?
  14. CA2OR

    Fuge setup help

    Never thought about that. Good idea Miles.