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  1. Miniwhinny

    John's 10 Gallon Custom Acrylic tank build!

    WOW !!! That's one of the nicest nano's I've ever seen. It looks way bigger than a 10 Awesome!
  2. Miniwhinny


    Thanks guys Tap water is from our well. We're pretty much at the top of the aquifer from the Cascades and there's no industry or agriculture above us so it's about as pure as you can get - I feel very fortunate. I've been using this water in tanks for 14 years so whatever minerals are in there are ones corals like Kessil is about 6 inches above the tank. The edges are way brighter in person than in the picture - I still haven't mastered the art of taking pics under blue LED's.
  3. Miniwhinny


    Thought I'd share my tank. Started this about 2 months ago when my 40B became a daycare tank for my sons reef lol. It's pretty simple. BB. 5 gallon water changes once a week. Water comes right from the tap and other than mixing the hot and cold to get it to 78 I don't do anything else to it. I have an AC110 that I run filter floss in which gets changed once a week. Inhabs and equipment are as follows... 20L Kessil A150w 15,000k AC110 modded Vortech MP10 Via Aqua 100w heater Duncans Rics (florida and yuma) Acans Zoas Maxi nems Sinularia Fuzzy 'shrooms Tiny frogspawn head Crocea 2 ringed cowries Lots of dwarf ceriths 5 Astrea snails Various hermits 1 porcelain crab That's it so far. Thanks for letting me share
  4. Miniwhinny

    LEDS.....What to choose

    I have 3 Rapid PAR 38's and they're nice but NOTHING comes close to my Kessil !!!!!
  5. Miniwhinny

    What a Night

    OMG !!!! I'm so very sorry that this happened to you guys (sad). It happened to us a few years ago and until you've had it happen it's hard to know what it feels like. (((((HUGE HUGS))))) to both of you.
  6. Miniwhinny

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    Looking awesome! Gotta ditto coralgasm...I've purchased from their ebay store and not only is everything exactly as portrayed (and amazingly priced) I also got freebies Can't beat that!
  7. Miniwhinny

    30 Gallon Cube Reef

    Looking awesome! Gotta ditto coralgasm...I've purchased from their ebay store and not only is everything exactly as portrayed (and amazingly priced) I also got freebies Can't beat that!
  8. Miniwhinny

    Moving to Bend Or.

    Hey PM me if you're looking for a home...I'm about to list a nice house for sale in Bend that has an in-wall built-in that has a small room behind for equipment/access (no tank there now). Obviously the person who lived there before was a tank nut
  9. Miniwhinny


    I'm so sorry this happened. It happened to us about 5 years ago and until you've been that violated it's hard to understand just how it feels. Don't hold your breath for restitution - we're getting a whopping $5 a month of the $24,500 ordered. We now keep everything important in a safety deposit box at the bank and no longer keep cash in the house. I'm so sorry about your personal items - sure hope you can get some of them back.
  10. Miniwhinny

    Crazy's 40B/20L build

    WOW !!! Love your rock scape and even more LOVE your fishies
  11. Miniwhinny

    Worst possible scenario happened...

    OH NO !!!! I'm so sorry that this happened. I'll keep my fingers crossed that more survived than you first thought.
  12. Miniwhinny

    Fragging Mini's.

  13. Miniwhinny

    Fragging Mini's.

    I've fragged well over a dozen. Here's how to do it step by step. 1. Remove from tank and place on a clean cutting board. 2. Pat dry with a paper towel - remove as much slime as possible - it makes it easier to hold when cutting. 3. Gently open up with your (clean) fingers so it's lying as flat as possible and not bunched up (foot down,mouth up) 4. Use a very sharp, clean knife or razor blade make a clean cut directly through the middle making sure you are cutting through the center of the mouth. You MUST have a piece of the mouth on both halves. 5. Put your halves in a small container with the tank water from their tank - I add 2 drops of iodine (to prevent infection) and let them soak for a couple of minutes. 6. Place back in the tank. I usually leave mine in a small container overnight in a low flow,low light area just to let them heal a bit before they get blasted by flow. Like I said - I've fragged well over a dozen into halves. I've fragged one into quarters. I've only ever lost half of one frag and I'm pretty certain it's because I fragged it right after it came out of the box following shipping from Florida. If you've purchased some and plan on fragging I strongly suggest placing them in a container in your tank for a day or two first. This allows them to chill and recover from shipping/purchasing and gives you easy access. Don't put them directly into your tank if you're going to frag - these are very sticky little buggers and once in a crevice it's hard to get them off.
  14. Miniwhinny

    pcock luwand

    Female's are Peahens. Males are Peacocks. I don't know what a luwand is but as "pair" is spelt incorrectly...I'm betting luwand is too :-)
  15. Miniwhinny

    Calling all shop owners