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  1. lquidglass

    Hairy green mushrooms

    I have several hairy green mushrooms for sale @ $10 each. I have seen these on line for very high priceshttp://www.reefermadness.us/HAIRY-GREEN-MUSHROOM-5.351.2300.3.htm My clown fish loves them, and they reproduce quickly. These are approx 3+" PM if interested or you have any questions. Thanks, Stephan
  2. lquidglass

    Getting out of the hobby for a bit.....

    I will buy the AOG and I can meet you sat at seahorse if you want. Let me know, Thanks.
  3. I am trying to buy or trade to get PPE (Purple people eaters) and or AOG (armor of the gods) I have nuclear green palys and purple death palys and more to trade. Thanks, Stephan
  4. lquidglass

    WTT or WTB colorful zoos

    zoo's I've got some for sale or trade. I will try to get pictures posted, are you looking for anything in particular? Thanks, Stephan
  5. lquidglass

    DIY Kalk Reactor

    Nice job! looks like that will work great.
  6. lquidglass

    Jase's 120G new project

    Nice set up!
  7. lquidglass

    The new guy here!

    Welcome to the site. I found that I was simply bored with my fresh water tanks after I got into this addiction, ah I mean hobby.
  8. lquidglass


    I have noticed that my clowns do not go near the cleaner shrimp but great for all the other fish.
  9. lquidglass


    Just a few months back I got a blue hippo tang and shortly after putting him in the tank he came down with ICK. Not having a hospital tank big enough for the fish and the difficulty of getting him out of my reef tank. I opted for Kent garlic xtreme on there food and directly into the tank also. I also got two skunk cleaner shrimp that jumped right on him and started cleaning him and within two days no Ick in sight. Between that and using a UV steralizer I have seen no ICK for months now. Good luck
  10. lquidglass

    New yuma's

    Thanks for all the compliments everyone.
  11. lquidglass

    New yuma's

    No, just the one multi colored alone was over $100 The pictures do not do any justice to these at all.
  12. lquidglass

    New yuma's

    Pricey, over $100. But totally worth every penny!
  13. lquidglass

    New yuma's

    Just wanted to share a picture of some really sweet yuma mushrooms I have gotten lately at Seahorse aquarium. Left to right there is an orange, pink, and an awesome multi colored one that really love.(clap) Hope you enjoy!
  14. lquidglass

    New frags

    Just some of the awesome stuff I just got from Randy S. I really like what I got from him and they all seem to be doing great. Thanks Randy for the awesome deals on some really nice corals.