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  1. beansandmia

    Corals for sale

    I am trying to downsize on my polyps so here are a few I have for sale or maybe trade for something. I would be shipping these from WI just shoot me a pm and I will get you a shipping quote If my prices seem high please do let me know, thanks. PS, all frags are what you see is what you get except for the oranges at $2 a polyp, but I would frag then show you the pic if you want. Bam Bams about 50 polyps or so $70 Purple Death around 8 polyps $55 Oranges I can do different sized frags of $2 a polyp Mixed zoas $40 ton of polyps Green polyps $15 This frag for $30
  2. beansandmia

    WTB Berghia Nudibranch

    There is someone here in Milwaukee WI, who sells them for $10 a piece. I had traded some corals for five of them, I have a bunch of eggs but have not seen any babies yet.
  3. beansandmia

    Flatworm Extract treatment - I still have them!

    I had a sixline when I had them, he ate them all, well I never did see any on the glass after I got him anyways
  4. beansandmia

    Bad nudi?

    To be honest I have no idea which person I got it from gave me these, I have bought a lot of frags from people.
  5. beansandmia

    Bad nudi?

    I find these guys about two a week, I inspect my zoes daily, once during the morning then again late at night and a few times during the day, I have seen the eggs and used a razor blade. Thanks for the replys guys
  6. beansandmia

    Bad nudi?

    These are the best pic's that I can get, are these guys the bad polyp eating kind? [/img] [/img]
  7. beansandmia

    What kind of polyp are these?

    Thanks for the reply
  8. beansandmia

    What kind of polyp are these?

    Can anyone help me out here and tell me what two kinds of polyps these are, the first one you are looking at is the one with the yellow skirts and a redish colored center, the second frag is the little bunch on the purpleish colored piece it has light blue lines all around it, thanks much! [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  9. beansandmia

    One more, what is this question

    I went looking through my kept emails and I found where the lady called it a Tan Tree Coral and I paid $5 for it...lol Did a look online but hmmmm I didn't find one that looks like this one yet.
  10. beansandmia

    What is this?

    My zoos are doing great all but the purple, they never did come back :( Ahhh ok I will have to take a look and see if there is a mat, thanks!
  11. beansandmia

    One more, what is this question

    Ohh when it's pissed off it gets really small and is blue/green in color if that helps, but when happy he is pink and has his lil thingys sticking out lol.
  12. beansandmia

    One more, what is this question

    Hmm I have seen kenya trees my fiance has some, I don't think that is it, I will have to look up this colt coral once. Yes I know my cam shots aren't the best lol, plus this thing sits in a whole where I put it on a slant, so that really doesn't help when trying to snap a pic. Thanks for the reply
  13. Can anyone make out what this thing is? Thanks in advance
  14. beansandmia

    What is this?

    I had someone else tell me that as well, oh well, they are pretty anyways.