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  1. big24kid

    jellyfish like creatures in tank

    Hello all, my friend came to work with a cup of water from her tank. In it she had 5 little creatures that looked like jellyfish. They were about half this size of a pencil eraser. They were pulsing around just like jellyfish. Has anyone ever heard of this and have any idea what types could actually make it into a tank. This population is in her 55 gal tank. She has not added anything to this tank in 6 or 7 months. She estimates there are around 250 swimming in her tank. They appeared one day after she did some cleaning in her tank. Any ideas would be great. And no I don't have a picture.
  2. I have these in my tank also. They grow really fast and can cover rocks in days if its the same stuff. I got mine on a rock from a friends tank who had it growing out of control.
  3. big24kid

    petco 20%off coupon

    Hello all, I have a petco coupon for this sunday the 23rd. If you would like me to forward it to you just shoot me your email. Or if anyone knows how to post this I can ship it to you and can you can post it to print. This is for friends of PETCO employees. The coupon is for 20% off your purchase one day only. You will need the code to give to the cashier off the email. 900000012 is the code off my email if you don't want to print it.
  4. Hello All, My ballast that runs my halide light fried on me last week. When I flipped the switch on there was some popping and smoke. Now I have no halide light. I have been running my actinics until I got some money to replace the ballast. Does anyone know where the best place to get something like this would be?? Some of my corals are not doing good at all without the halide. Any advice would be great, thank you. This is the fixture Fixture Size: 35.50 x 15 x 3 Support: 1x 250W DE HQI, 2x 96W Compact Fluorescent, 4x Dual Bluemoon LED * External 250W Electronic HQI Metal Halide Ballast with On/Off Switch * Internal Compact Fluorescent Ballasts * Three On/Off Switch, 1 for CF, 1 for LEDs, 1 for Cooling Fan * Individual Power Cords for Separate Timer Setup * Non-Corrosive Powder Coated Aluminum Housing * Heavy Duty Cooling Fan * Tempered Glass and Clear Acrylic Lens Covers * Highly Polished Reflector * Mounting Legs Included FREE ITEMS w/ Metal Halide System Purchase 1x Odyssea 250W DE HQI Bulb 15000K 2x Odyssea 96W Compact Fluorescent Bulb Actinic Blue 4x Dual Bluemoon LED
  5. Looks like I will be moving soon and am looking to sell this tank. I might have a smaller apartment and there would be no room for a big tank. This pic is a little outdated but you get the idea. There is more rock in the tank now the right side is filled up, and some different fish and some different corals, some the same. Around 80lbs of LR. I recently added a 20gal refugium using an overflow box. I do not want to part out or break down. Buyer will take all corals, fish, and everything else. I am not putting a price on this just in case I don't have to move. Please PM me with offer and if its anywhere close to what I am thinking it is yours. I would like to move it this week if possible. Aaron http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n...d/P1010229.jpg
  6. Alright I got the word. The tank sale will be Aug 24 to 31. If anyone needs tanks 55 or below now is the time. If you talk to your local PETCO this week they can special order any size so it will be there for you when the sale starts. If anyone does need special orders just IM me. You would have to pick up at the Tanasbourne store because that is the location I work at. I have already ordered 4 - 40breeders. One for me and the others for customers.
  7. big24kid

    Petco tank sale

    tanks come from coastal for petco and yes the 40's are always on the sale. i work there. we have not been given any information yet on the $1 per gallon sale. they usually tell us about a month in advance so we can order up. we have the ad set right now through mid august and nothing about this sale yet.
  8. big24kid

    pics of my newer 80 half circle

    The original tank i had was a 38 that ran for about a year and a half. I then decided to upgrade and to the larger and it has been going now for about 6 months. The fish all love the larger room. Everybody was getting a little big and cramped.
  9. big24kid

    pics of my newer 80 half circle

    giant starfish, actually 2 of them lighting is 250w 20000k xm halide and actinic pc's 2-36"
  10. Recently upgraded from a 40. This tank has a firefish, purple firefish, dwarf pygmy angel, clarkii clown rescue from petco, 2 cinnamon clowns, 2 regal tangs both rescued while sick from petco, vlamingi tang. Sorry the pics are not better, but I don't have a fancy camera. I will try to get some better pics one of these days with my buddies camera. http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n385/big2424kid/P1010229.jpg http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n385/big2424kid/P1010228.jpg http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n385/big2424kid/P1010224.jpg http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n385/big2424kid/P1010225.jpg
  11. big24kid

    Free macro..

    I would love some if you still have any. Just pm me with your address and let me know when you would be home.
  12. big24kid

    coral banded shrimp

    Okay, I know people dont like these guys, but I have had one in my tank for over a year and a half and have had no problems. Last night I had just turned the lights off and saw him grabbing and jumping off a rock. I thought to myself "hmmmm, maybe he is about to show me why everybody says dont get one." Then the coolest thing happened. He ripped a bristleworm out of the rock and ate it. I thought only arrow crabs did this. Has anyone ever heard of this before???
  13. big24kid

    PETCO tank sale

    Yes they max out at 55. They also only do the standard sizes. Bow fronts are not included or speciality tanks.
  14. big24kid

    PETCO tank sale

    On a side note, we have been going through a major assortemnt change at a lot of stores. They are putting a lot of tanks up on clearance pricing. The tanks will not have a clearance label just sale price, but most of these larger tanks are at least half price. I work at Tanasbourne and I know we have a corner tank on clearance we had many more but they are selling fast. I am not sure what other stroes have. I scored a 78half circle by oceanic for a couple of hundred dollars with stand.
  15. big24kid

    PETCO tank sale

    I do work at Petco, and they do not tell us in advance. We will get about one month notice to order up. I can let you all know when I know. I do all the ad overides at my store and should know 4-6 weeks in advance.