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  1. I have not been on this forum for something like 5 years. I thought I would re-introduuce myself. I am looking to jump back in the hobby. I am beginning to do my research and get a foothold on the newer tech. Mostly things seem the same with the exception to lighting! LED central. Looks like cubes are not quite as popular as they were back in 11' too. I am looking to start a 20 or 30 gallon for starters. I am still in education as a principal. I miss having tanks in my classroom (At one point I had over 250 gallons going!). Looks like many schools are enjoying the benefits of the TFT program. That makes me very happy. Joel
  2. Did I mention it is FREE to a teacher or educator?
  3. Hi all, Need a 40 breeder for your school? My old tank used for the mudskippers needs to be gone. A teacher new to the schools wants it out of her classroom over break. I can meet someone at the school and help you get it in your car during December. Only thing I ask is that you use the tft application and get approval from Rog (Mr. S). I'd love to see a new thread of it coming to life again. This is what the tank looks like. The Rock is gone. The sump, hood, and stand remain. Sand is also still in there. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?11789-Mudskipper-Tank-Eugene-Middle-School&highlight= PM me for a time to meet.
  4. Come get a 15 gallon for your School. Well established tank with refugium. Would be an awesome setup in any classroom. Come and get it here in Eugene. 541-225-7395 for details. I just need to know you have communicated with Mr. S or the Board and I'll get this tank to you.
  5. Here are some pics: Sorry It took me a while. I needed to find a way to upload pics and I forgor about my photobucket account. Please give me a call if interested. If you are serious I would deliver to the Grove or to Albany. Maybe even Salem if I get a great price. 541-225-7395 http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/tidalsculpin/15%20nano%20sale/IMG_0248.jpg http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/tidalsculpin/15%20nano%20sale/IMG_0685.jpg http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/tidalsculpin/15%20nano%20sale/IMG_0233.jpg http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/tidalsculpin/15%20nano%20sale/IMG_0276.jpg
  6. Yeah, I have a 60 cube to take care of in the front office. The 15 at home is too much.
  7. It is time for it to go. Not enough time for attention that it needs. $50- Nano AGA tank. Black back including CPR Refugium with mud and chaeto. $30- 15 lbs of live rock or so. $100 SLS TEKLIGHT 4 bulb X 24W $40- 6 new bulbs No fish. $40- Two millepora colonies 1 green 1 blue tipped $20-Pink Birdnest small colony with assorted zoos on the rock. $50- 1 red blasto wellsi colony small green mouths- 20 heads+ $20-1 green blasto wellsi- 10 heads $40-1 large blasto merletti- 40 plus heads $5- one turbinaria scroll- small colony. $10-1 green purple rim monti frag 2+ inches $25- Green mouthed chalice 2+ inches $25- Purple green fungia 3+ inches $20- Montipora spongoidies green- 2+ inches $15-Large green palythoa colony- 20 mouths- silver centers $15- Green toadstool sarcophyton softie- 2 inches $10- the hermits and snails Much more random dry goods. Take it all for 400 obo today. 541-225-7395 text or call Joel
  8. I have not had a chance to get any mithrax crabs yet. In the meantime, I am manually trimming daily and I added chaeto to the main display in hopes that it will take off and deprive the brown stuff from nutrients.
  9. Yeah, emerald crabs i think are my first shot. They are like 8 bucks in town. I think a naso that is 2 inches long would be hard to find, especially in Eugene. I also looked into sea hares, but research says sometimes they don't eat this stuff.
  10. Hey all, I have been steadily caring for a 15 gallon nano for 11 months. The tank has a mix of sps, zoos, and lps. I have no sand bed but a cpr hang on fuge filled with carib-sea fuge mud. My sps are happy and growing. Some of my lower light corals are hiding under rocks. The tek t5 is a bit much for some of the corals. Anyways, I have an algae problem that started a month ago. I believe I have a bown algae called dictyota. It is brown and it forks from a branch. The algae spreads over rock and encroaches on corals. It is hard to get it off. I have been using long plant tweezers to remve what I can. If ANY free pieces get away, they start a new colony. I only have one fish in this tank, a randall's goby. Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of dictyota?
  11. Great news. Glad she got it back. Eugene is a thief magnet.
  12. Mac owner/user since 94' PC User since 89'. Both are easy to use now. You can buy good protection for both. PCs are cheaper. Who cares how fast they are for the average non gamer user. The question is.... what computing needs do you have. Macs break and so do pcs. Buy what you want and can afford. Just do not buy a cheap computer. Personally I love macs. I am beginning to dislike how much they make you pay for all the extras like adapters and such. Having a laptop is very convenient if you are not sure about desktop vs. laptop.
  13. I hear they have extra stinger tentacles.
  14. Stopped by yesterday. Aaron's shop does have a lot of potential. I picked up some skunk clowns and a bta. Lot's of room for coral IF people start buying it there. I would describe him as a flexible thinker. If freshwater drives his business he will expand that. If salt drives it he says he will expand that side. I hope he makes it.
  15. Best regards Roger. Sorry I could not make it this year.
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