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  1. After running a shop i can say you would need a HUGE shop to keep 40k worth or coral in it unless you had nothing but high end stuff. And as far as insuring livestock... aint gonna happen. even for vandalism. i checked with every major insurance company when i was starting and not a single one would cover livestock in ANY situation. This suck for the shops involved, especially for OIB who got hit once, tried to build back up, and got hit again. We need to help these guys out if we can. it just isnt right.
  2. Im sorry, but i didnt get any PM's. Im still working on the skimmer pictures. i dont have a brand name for them. I will try to get it up here soon. i'll drop you a pm when i do.
  3. I have some more stuff, will get it on here soon
  4. LMAO, i thought i did but then realized i had sent to clear. should be good now
  5. Bump. i still have these items. let me know if interested. prices negotiable.
  6. the single tanks are roughly the size of a standard pallet. they also have rails on the bottom so they can be moved like a pallet. the rough dimensions are 39" x 47" x 30" tall. They are roughly 150 gallons to the top of the bulkhead then another 4" to the top of the bin. I dont have any large acrylic tanks but i know where you can get some. I do have 11 smaller tanks and a commercial rack system with sections like you see in shops sometimes. I need to unbury the pumps but i think they are the 3500gph models.
  7. I am super serial here people, make an offer. These things go for $7,000 new.
  8. I have just the thing for you. this is an industrial DI filtration setup. comes with the following. 1 whole house prefilter 1 full size carbon prefilter (with somewhat used carbon) 1 full size DI resin chamber (with somewhat used DI resin) this system when plumbed into a 1/2" water line will deliver -0- TDS at full pressure. roughly 3000 gallons of water per day with no reject water. the resin and carbon tanks take approximately 25 gallons of material and last a long time. this system costs over $7,000 new. I am asking $3,500 as is. if you are opening a shop this is invaluable and will pay for itself in water sales. picture available on request. serious buyers only please.
  9. So i have acquired a ton of stuff over my time up here but sadly i am moving far far away so i need to get rid of what i cant move. the stuff i have is big but can be used for smaller reef keepers too if you have room to use the items. all prices are obo and of course i am more than happy to sell everything with a little discount if you want to start a shop or something. This full system was used to hold live fish in a wholesale environment. the tanks have been pre-drilled for a 2" bulkhead and were set up on bricks. they are for sale as singles or all together. we have 6 single and 2 double size tanks. We also have a 1100 gal water storage tank and a 300 gallon tank used for mixing water with salt. we also have 2 skimmers that worked amazingly well on a 3000 gallon system. this setup also comes with 2 barracuda circulation pumps, 4 sedra pumps for the skimmers, and 2 pumps for the large water tanks. if you buy everything you will also get a lot of pvc valves and misc parts to make reassembly much cheaper. Buy it all for $3,000 or make an offer if you buy pieces then prices are below and you will need to wait to see if we can sell it all together. this is a great chance to build out a massive system if you want to do fish sales. Single size tanks $80 double size tanks $170 Protein Skimmer w/2 pumps $400 Barracuda Pump $230 1100 gal tank $750 300 gal tank $400
  10. I have posted them before but now that i have a dog i really need them to go for the sake of my allergies. These 2 pigs are brothers and have never spent more than 30 minutes apart in their lives. they need to go as a pair and stay as a pair to a loving home. they are trained not to potty outside their cage and don't bite either. great with kids and really affectionate. I am offering them and a good cage for them with water bottle and large feeder all for free. We do ask that you either know how to take care of them or we would be happy to train you. my wife loves them very much so they must go to a good home and we hope you will be willing to send us pictures once in a while. we are also willing to take them back in the future if it is not working out to ensure they have a good home.
  11. i wouldnt pay more than $50 for a used glass $65.
  12. iPhone, apps and phone work better IME. depends on the network though. Droid, may be opensource but that means you can get some functionality issues. plus frankly IME they can be a pain to figure out.
  13. i can get buckets with gasketed lids as well if needed. LMK asap though
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