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Getting back into the hobby

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I just signed up for pnwmas. I used to live in San Diego a while back when I got into this hobby. I kept a 75 gallon reef tank for about 3 years. Then I moved 3 times in one year and I never got a chance to set up another tank. I'm currently hopping back into the hobby with an old "Solana 34g" all-in-one tank. I'm still waiting for some parts to come in the mail but I hope to be up and running in a few weeks. I don't intend to keep a lot of stuff. For now my plan is to have a mated pair of clowns, a rose bubble tip anemone, and some sps. 

I'm actually trying to find a smaller (narrower) skimmer as well since I have a cpr aeroforce and it's butting against the refugium light I have installed. Other than the tank and the skimmer, I have a Radion x30w pro light fixture, two MP10w of which I'll likely only use one, an LED light to grow chaeto, media bags and carbon, an RODI unit, and a 550gph return pump. Plus all the usual test kits and maintenance tools. I'm excited to get back into the hobby but also a little frustrated with all the parts I am still missing, hehe.

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