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Sekura Growout - Milesmiles902

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Top View:


Side View:



Tank Parameters:

Calcium: 420

Alkalinity: 9.8

Magnesium 1280

pH: 8.2

NO3-: 0.05

PO43-: 0.00



10mL Red Sea Energy A+B every other day

A bit of Reef Chili every other day

0.25mL of Vodka in the morning and night Edited: Said 2.5mL :P

24mL of Randy Holmes-Farley Alkalinity

30mL of Randy Holmes-Farley Calcium

Fish food once a day. Usually frozen.



4 x Koralia 1500 alternating in pairs with the Hydora Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller on 1 min alternations - High Flow

2 x AquaIllumination Hydra 52's. 8 hours of blues with a 1.5 hour rise/decay. 6 hours of white with a 2 hour rise/decay

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