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If you have one of these hover boards in your house sell it

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Oh it happen my board just burned up.


Oh it happen.. Oh it happen LOL



OMG im laughing what a way to wake up to..  I would imagine this company does need to fix this problem many of them are catching on fire and blowing up.



I think i watched this video 5 times my son about to get that [language filter] out the house hehehe love it.

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language filtr hehe blank out the house :)



Just wanted to add many stores stopped selling these before Christmas to because they knew there was a problem you dont need to pump them up to 45 mph (not sure what they go to) But they are pretty quick.   I see kids around my area riding them down the sidewalks just did yesterday as well.



Anyhow if you watch the video and just listen to the guy it is kind of funny :)

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