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Hewey McLovit

Large Kenya Tree dying/dead

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I have had this Kenya tree for the last 2 year and it is/was about 12-16 inches and half as wide. So i understand the strange habits of a Kenya tree. On Wednesday I was wondering why my Kenya tree was having 'significant shrinkage' in mid afternoon. I left for 4 days and show up today to see it 'breaking down' (brownish with areas of white slim with a notable mild stank and still shrunk.


The strange thing is that there are two other fragged pieces which look 'normal'. The rest of the tank looks great, RBTA bigger then ever, fish all healthy, etc. Parameters all within normal ranges with pH being slightly high at 8.5. Nitrates normal/ PO3 a little high at .1ppm but not too crazy.


I was mentioning to my wife that i was thinking about cutting it out and getting rid of it d/t it taking up too much space. Are they that sensitive?


Needless to say i chopped it out and trashed it! Any ideas what caused it to die?

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