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A lot of new and used tanks for sale

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I am posting this for a friend of mine who had a garage shop were he sold fresh/saltwater fish in vanc. Due to family reasons he needed to close and is now trying to sell the stuff he has left.


I am sure all the prices are OBO but you need to call him and work it out with him.


Please call Mickey with any questions at 360 256-4013


Here is what he's got.


He has four new 55 gall glass tanks with nice very tall stands for sale at $200 each



one used but in very nice shape 75 gallon acrylic tank and stand 200.00 would be a great frag tank for you coral farmers. $200



36 gal glass bow tand and stand $200



40 and 10 gal hex and stand $200/50



75 gal black tank and stand $300



125 gallon running reef he wants $1k







tank has 2x250 watt halides and 1 175 watt halide and two vho,s

it also has a big fuge under it.


Brand bew 20" wet dry with overflow kit $100


30" brand new wet dry and overflow kit $150


brand new over flow $50



He also has like 20 10 gallon used glass tank complete for $10 a pop.


last thing is a betta display for $100


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I got dibs on the reef setup if I can swing it by the 13th. I just talked to Mickey and I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

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He also has like 20 10 gallon used glass tank complete for $10 a pop.


complete? meaning?

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