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Mr S

Free stuff for teachers!!

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I have the following stuff for teachers. All of the mentioned items could survive under pc's, t-5's, vho's or halides. Some of the items may need to be moved up in the water column for maximum growth and coloration.

Hydnophora frags (sps)

Kenya tree frags (softie)

yellow polyps (like zoos)

candy cane coral (lps)

zoo and paly frags

montipora frags (sps)


If you are interested in any of these pm me and we will set up a meeting time. You can either pick up in Albany or meet me in Salem. I don't have a tank in Salem so it would work best to meet me in the evening after school on a school day. I will not be going to Portland soon. If you can arrange a pick up on your own I have no problems. All items have been raised in my school tanks and are flourishing. Thanks to all you donators.

I also have vho and 400 watt bulbs. I also have some bags of salt. Let me know what you want. I have no problem with giving away alot. I will divide it up between all people that pm me and then divy up what is left over.(rock2)(naughty)(clap)

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