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~R/C car enthusiast meetings

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My husband is a team driver for the local r/c shop, competes in point classes & fabricates r/c cars. Hes looking for more people who want to become involved in r/c cars. Call or email him below:


For R/C (remote control) car enthusiasts.

Meetings once a month or

Call 541-981-1272 or email skywker51@yahoo.com for more info.


These meetings are family friendly, there are several father/daughter teams that compete against one another. No age restrictions. Kim

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My husband Luke & I are located in ALbany,Oregon. The area chapter meets mostly in Salem but they may be open to meeting in other local areas. Comps are held in Wa. & all over Oregon. Email Luke or call him if you have any questions, Im just the "inbetween", lol. Kim

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