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Found 2 results

  1. WTS this tank in mill city oregon. Dirty but not too scuffed. Roughly 7x3x3 I keep forgetting my tape measure. Need it done asap asking $1200 OBO buyer picks up.
  2. I've got about 20 different strains of zoanthids I'm going to start fragging up for sale. I just bought 2 frag racks, so I've got plenty of room for all of those corals you're going to buy. -All corals are cut to order. -All frags will be 3-5 polyps, unless otherwise stated or agreed upon. Prices may vary if any other number of polyps is requested. -A minimum of 5 days is required for all corals to heal after cutting. If a coral dies during the healing process, a new frag will be cut or refund will be issued if one is not available. -Corals can be held for up to 7 days after the initial healing period. -There is a minimum purchase of $100. To make up for possible gas costs or shipping materials, I have to set a minimum purchase amount. I apologize for the inconvenience. -An email with tracking information will be sent on the agreed upon shipping date if local pickup/arrangement is not possible. Shipping is up to the seller to pay, up to a maximum of $50 to the continental US. Local pickup is available for those willing to drive to Salem, OR. I'm willing to drive depending on the purchase amount. There is a 24-hour DOA guarantee for shipped corals; no DOA guarantee for local pickup as there are many variables that could affect the health of the coral outside of my control (ie. leaving the coral in a hot car, car accidents, improper securing of coral in vehicle). Picture documentation must be provided within the first 24 hours of delivery or a refund/replacement will not be made. -Payment information will be settled in private messages. PayPal is preferred. -No trades for other corals will be made. I don't have the time or money to quarantine new corals, which is why I only purchase from trusted vendors. If you're interested in trading for equipment, private message me. Thank you all so much for stopping by. I'll try to keep up with availability as best I can. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!Sunny D's- $25 (multiple available) WWC Safecracker- $20 (multiple available) WWC Evil Heart Zoas $50 (multiple available) WWC Clownface Zoas- $40 (multiple available) Strawberry Wine Zoa- $25 (multiple available) Scrambled Eggs Zoa- $30 (multiple available) BEBB- $30 (multiple available) WWC LA Lakers- $35 (multiple available) WWC Loganberry Zoa- $25 (multiple available) Goblins on Fire Zoa- $35 (limited available) Bloodsucker Zoa- $30 WWC Baby Yoda Zoa- $40 (limited availability) Snitches Zoa- $75 (limited availability) Pink Diamond Zoa- $20 per polyp (limited availability) CB Rockstar Zoa- $60 (limited availability) Sold to me as CB Punk Rocker, but has morphed over time so not sure....regardless- $25 (multiple available)
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