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Found 20 results

  1. Jordan

    SPS Frags for sale

    I have some sps for sale 1.walt disney $ 1" $65 2.vivid rainbow 1" $50 3.ASD Acid Trip 1" $50 4.Green Slimmer 1"$30 4.Raw steel stag 1"$35, 3"$50 5.Birds Nest thicker branched 1.5"$30 6. Tierra Del Fuago 1"$50 7.Shocker 1"$45 8.Red planet 1"$50 This list is cut to order I have some available but I do mostly cut to order heal time is 2 weeks
  2. Hi All, Im looking to add more SPS, Brains, and Euphyllia to my tank, and wondering what frags people have available and how much they are. Im mostly looking for smaller frags to watch grow out, not really looking for big colonies at the moment. Some things I would really like are: Red Planet Looking for a yellow SPS Interested in most Millepora Any torches doesn't matter what color Frog Spawn Hammers Favia Lobos If its easier to text my number is 503-961-2504.
  3. Did I catch this guy mid dinner? It looks like he is eating my coral. I know people say the white ones are ok but what about the dark grey/black?
  4. Got this piece of Tierra De Fuego and would love to see anyone else’s pieces. So show off your TDF! Some all blue shots with gel filter: Some 12k shots no filter:
  5. How do you earn community reputation? I usually can't post items right away because I don't have enough can someone explain how to get more?
  6. Frag Farmers Snowcone Prostrata TBD TBD-2 Ultimate Frags Ultimate Tri Color Pro Corals Rainbow Delight Reef Ready Grape Juice More to come (just a few- )
  7. I have a nice sized red planet frag for sale. It's been growing like craZy, shooting out all over the place. Looking to get $50 for it or trade for other corals/power heads. This thing has been growing and growing since the original post, I'll add some updated pics tomorrow but it's looking really good and getting big! Mother Colony!
  8. New here so I guess I cant post classifieds. I am moving out of state and need to pass on my SPS tank. Any ideas for me to post or contacts to be made I am all ears. I have it on Craigs but could sure use some help. 971344886three Corey.
  9. I am moving and would like to see my sps tank go to the right home. I have it posted on craigslist, <Removed link> I would love if some generous philanthropist would like to share the cost with me as I could really use some moving money. I am open to all ideas. Thank you Corey M.
  10. I have a few things for sale right now in my tank. Prices are listed on the photos, hopefully they can be seen when you click on the photo or view in gallery. I am located in Keizer, PM me for texting. Blue digi's Small green monticap
  11. Hello pnwmas! My name is Allen, I have Biocube that I would love to share to the community. I've had the tank up and running for little over 5 years. The tank started out as a LPS and softy tank but that changed as my understanding grew. The last 2 years I have switch the tank to a more mix reef, adding SPS while keeping some LPS and softies to keep the tank diverse. This transition has been challenging at best but as I fine-tuned my knowledge that I have acquired though the tanks life, my goals quickly changed as to keep a stable and successful long term mixed reef tank that I could be pr
  12. Hello everyone, Its been three month since I start my aquarium and it finished the cycle within two months. Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite are undetectable. I'm ready to add some corals now. Aquarium parameters Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite Untraceble to the test kit Temperature - 77 F (+/- 0.3 F) Specific gravity 1.026 What is in my system now Bought BRS Water saver plus RO/DI unit with the RO reserver tank/faucet (I could justify this to my wife DI unit is seperate- Who can resist clean water ) I have 40 lbs of CaribSea Speacial grade live sand ( it created 1" sandbed) and Dry ro
  13. As you all know there is a wonderful upcoming meet and greet & Barbecue being held in Portland at our PNWMAS Club Presidents house Emerald. With the success of our first annual Oregon Reef Expo and our amazing amount of funds raised by our team we thought it would be nice to run a couple auctions of some spectacular coral frags we have. And once again all the proceeds will be going to the Tanks For Teachers program. One of those win win scenarios here, get a batch of killer corals while helping out one of our favorite non profits. Well enough Talk! Lets see what we have to
  14. I was looking around for acclimation videos and found this interview with Reef2Reef and Steve Tyree: There isn't a whole lot going on in the video (because it's an interview), but there is a lot of good information being said. I just threw it on in the background and listened to it. Definitely have a better understanding of the pests you might find and dipping corals.
  15. So last weekend I bought some SPS, last night before I left for work I was looking at the tank and everything seemed happy. This morning when I returned from work I looked at the tank and one of my new Millipora's is completely stripped on one side but I do now know who the culprit is. Im thinking it was one of the urchins but do not know for sure, anyone else have any ideas?
  16. Looking to trade for some SPS corals. Ive always had a couple small pieces of SPS but now am starting to get more into them. No exact names in mind of what im looking for. For trading I have: Lots of GSP Lots of Pulsing Xenia Lots of Candy Cane Lots of Kenya Trees Small Green Toad Stool Maybe some heads of Frogspawn Green Torch Coral (have to double check if he is ready to frag) Radioactive Dragons Eye zoa Green and yellow Ricordia Can do cash but am only looking to buy like $10 frags so small ones
  17. Custom 310 Gallon Saltwater Mixed Reef Aquarium setup. Live and Running. Moving and can’t take the tank. Our loss is your gain! Professionally built custom tank and stand. All very high quality grade construction. Top quality components. This tank is stunning to look at and gets a lot of compliments. This tank is currently up and running now and was built brand new and setup 2 years ago. It is a fully functional Mixed reef with Live rock, Live sand, Live hard and soft coral, Live fish and Invertebrates. Nearly all tank mates have been living together parasite free for at least 2
  18. Hey all, I was just cleaning the tank and bumped a healthy frag off my blue tip purple stag and I also harvested a tennis ball size clump of Chaeto algae from my fuge. Free to the first person to respond, sorry I only have one frag right now, it will be unmounted I don't have any plugs (poor planning) lol. I live near Orenco Station off 229th in Hillsboro. Let me know if you want it! If you're nearby you can pick it up tonight I'm up late or I'll be around all day tomorrow. If you msg me your number I can send a pic of the frag if needed. I'm also happy to trade for a frag of something to
  19. So has anyone ever tested po4 with Hanna checker and after getting number then later checked again with same samples and got totally different numbers? I tested because of light brown hazing that I get daily on the inside of my tank walls. I can clean it and the very next day start to notice light brown algae. Which lead me to test. The first test I received a result of .11 I let the sample sit for about half hour and tested again using same samples (no new water or reagent) and result was .00 Just checking what others think as I don't believe this second test would be accurate base
  20. I have a large nice blue stag for sale it's about 10" tall by 6 or 7"" wide multi branching $50 take whole colony
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