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Found 11 results

  1. Location: Duvall, WA (Seattle/Redmond area) Hi folks! My life has hit some serious potholes and the net result is that I'm moving out of my house -- and I can't take my ~500g dream system with me. This is one of those times where my loss can hopefully be something positive for you. The system and everything related is for sale, bulk discounts for large purchases are available. No copper has ever been used on or in any of the equipment. Note: For the livestock's well-being, all livestock must be out of the tank before the equipment can be taken. (Obviously. ) I'll update this post once equipment is ready to move. Livestock: 2 x Yellow Tangs ($50 each) 1 x Tomini Tang ($50) 1 x Blue Eyed Kole Tang ($60) 1 x Pearly (Yellowhead) Jawfish ($20) 1 x Lemonpeel Dwarf Angelfish ($50) 1 x Red Cardinalfish ($35) 2 x Percula Clownfish, dark morphs ($20 each) 2 x Yellow Coris (Wrasse) ($30 each) ~5 x Short-spine Urchins ($10 each – note: not acrylic safe) 1 x Redfin (Dwarf Rooster) Waspfish named "Picante" (looking for long-term foster home*) 1 x Dwarf Yellow Eel named "Elle" (looking for long-term foster home*) 1 x Yellow Tilefish named "Banana" (quite tame, looking for long-term foster home*) 2 x Red Bubbletip Anemone ($50 each) 1 x Green Bubbletip Anemone ($50) 1 x Yellow Leather Coral ($50) 2 x Toadstool Leather Corals ($80 for large, $50 for small) 7 x Orange Ricordia Yuma ($25-50 each depending on size) Many x Turquoise Mushroom Coral ($10 each) Many Bunches x Purple Gorgonians ($30 each) Purple Montipora Colonies ($20-100 each depending on size) Chaetomorpha Bunch, big and has bristleworms! ($20) 100#+ Live Rock, Florida Aquacultured ($2.50/pound without corals attached) Substrate, various grades from sugar fine to mixed puka (free with purchase, available only after some live rock sells) *What do I mean by long-term foster home? In short, I give you the fish for free, and if I get back into the hobby enough to take them back one day, I'm allowed to do so. Pics of them now and then would be nice too – they’re my babies! Tanks & Accessories Note about tanks: All tanks were custom-made from specialty builders with cell-cast acrylic of appropriate thickness. None of the tanks has ever had a leak. All tanks have plumbing holes and normal wear-and-tear; the display tanks could use an interior sanding to remove clouding scratches from the urchins’ munching. They are priced at 50% of what I paid (without considering shipping). These tanks are heavy; when picking up, please bring help as I cannot assist. Primary Display (~200G), $1000: 80” x 25 ¼” x 24 ½” (includes overflow; ¾” acrylic) Secondary Display (~70G), $400: 23 ¾” x 25 ½” x 27 ½” (plus an 18 ½” x 6” x 27 ½” attached overflow centered against the back – i.e., the footprint of this aquarium is not square; ¾” acrylic body, ½” acrylic top/bottom) Utility Tank (~25G), $240: 19” x 15 ¾” x 20” (includes overflow) Utility Tank (~28G), $230: 21” x 15 ¾” x 20” (no overflow) Utility Tank (~40G), $280: 18” x 26” x 20” (no overflow) Utility Tank (~38G), $225: 32” x 22.5” x 12” (no overflow) Utility Tank (~90G), $400: 40” x 26” x 20” (has baffles) Arctica Chiller (DBM-250): $500 2 x Arctica Chiller (DBE-200): $400 Calcium Reactor (huge, brand unknown, a fixer-upper): Free with purchase 2 x Stenner Peristaltic Pumps (for water exchange system): $200 each Ozotech Poseidon Ozone Generator: $120 BRS Air Dryer: $75 2 x Aqua UV Sterilizers: $200 each 3 x Diamond Amp Master 6250-4 Pumps: $400 each Reef Octopus 200EXT Protein Skimmer: $500 3 x Radion XR-30w G4 Pro: $500 each Controller System Note: The system is currently in a fault state as of about 2 weeks ago. I cannot pull everything out to diagnose. If you buy a module and it’s faulty, return it to me and I’ll refund your money. Apex AquaController: $100 EB8 (with a few dead/stuck outlets): $50 EB8 (working fine): $100 PM1: $40 ALD w/ 3 Sensors: $80 Probes (older, were working fine but I suggest checking calibration): Free with purchase Let me know if you have any questions! I might be able to deliver livestock in Greater Seattle area, but not big stuff like live rock, sand, or tanks.
  2. In your journeys through different equipment setups, what do you think the value of algae scubbers are to own? Love em? Hate em? Meh? Must have? Don't waste your money?
  3. Currently have 3 reefcorner 180p lights 2 work good 1 half the lights blue channel is out and needs a diode replaced. I have ran them for a quite a while but recently changed lights and do not need them. They are 180 watt fully programmable on the face plate with timers and dimmers built in. They ramp up and down on the intensity based on your settings you put in. 3 channels (night, whites, blues) and each channel has 6 set points. $100 obo
  4. Here are the rules:  • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Some people are about the creatures, some people are about the equipment. Show me the dorkiest, sexiest, most funny picture possible of your equipment. Photoshop and in-picture additions are allowed. Deadline: December 1st 11:59 pm
  5. bamburgb

    40B setup

    Anyone looking for a 40 gallon breeder set up? I have a drilled 40B with black line stand, ASM mini -G protein slimmer, a utility pump, and a couple sunsun power heads. All you would need equipment wise is a light, sump (I used a 20 gal tank), plumbing (the bulkheads look good still) and heater. About the tank: set it up about early (around March) 2016 but due to fighting my ex for custody of my son I was distracted and didn’t take care of it so I had a tank crash and then by October 2016 I took it down and it has sat in my garage since. Back is painted light blue but I’m sure you can get that off. It was set up for a frag tank. Asking 200 obo.
  6. I have a 40B set up for sale, comes with tank, black wood stand, ASM mini G protein skimmer, a sunsun powerhead and a return pump (not sure make or anything). The tank was drilled and has bulkheads on it just needs piping - $100 29 Gallon bio cube with black stand, HQI light, glass top, protein skimmer, some extra replacement filters and small hydor kralia pump - $300 Unknown brand protein skimmer used on my 180 gallon reef tank - $50 If your interested in something let me know may come down on price a little hit me up with any offers worst I can say is no.
  7. Does anyone know how to repair lights? I have a programmable led I have had for a few years and it looks like the channel for the blue lights went out. Last time this happened with one of my other lights the maker repaired it, but since then he has liquidated the company and doesn’t work on them anymore. Wanting to see if anyone on here knows how to diagnose and work on lights that may be able to work on them depending on the cost, that way I can have my light as a backup (had to put my backup on the tank).
  8. I am starting to get curious about calcium reactors and how hard they are to get started using? I have never been able to get SPS growing well and am debating on getting a calcium reactor to help get my tank levels more stable to assist with that. What is everyones preference? I have always used B-ionics 2 part but am seriously considering switching. How much maintance does a calcium reactor cost? what media do people run in it? for minerals do you need to dose anything extra for trace elements? How often do you need to refill/change the media? how often do you test your parameters once its dialed in? I have seen a few people selling some used ones which is also adding to the possibility to switch.
  9. If anyone has a JECOD DP-2 auto dosing pump can you please help. while its plugged in does your power light stay on? when its dispensing does the light for the specific pump turn on? right now neither has turned on for mine i got it two days ago and so far am not sure that its even working. any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I have about an 10 lb piece of live rock covered in GSP and would like to trade for a similar size of live rock and some corals or rock and anemone, let me know if are interested or have anything for trade. If someone wanted to buy I would sell it for about $80 that way I can replace the fiji live rock and get some coral. I also have a 7lb piece of live rock covered in GSP and pulsing Xenia, im wanting about $70 or trade for that one (also looking for live rock to replace it and coral as well) I also have other corals im fragging: Duncan $5/ head Candy Cane $5/head Frogspawn $8/head. Radioactive Dragons Eye Zoa 4-5 polyps $15 kenya tree $5/small $10/ Large Blowers: JVP 202B 12000 L/H (3200g/h) they have been used briefly, didnt like how much motion was in my 180 so I pulled them out after about a month, cleaned most of the coraline algae off of them but still has a little left, I have 2. really strong magnets to hold them to the tank. New they seem to sell for about 140-180 from what i have seen i dont remember what i paid for them, Will sell them for $100 each, they both work great.
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