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  1. Anybody in the Eugene area who has hired someone to set up a very large tank? Thinking of upgrading to a 7 footer and don't want to try and haul it in the house and lift it up on the stand by myself. And the few local people I know are all crickets when asking
  2. In case others are looking, just want to say that I bought some from @AnglersReeftoday and am really really impressed. Very good price and very generous clean portion. I've been worried about pests as I've looked around for chaeto, but this stuff had NOTHING. Also love that they are an Oregon store. Will be back for corals once I get my phosphates and nitrates stabilized. https://anglers-reef.com/
  3. Wait! You have a shop in Cottage Grove? Shipping only or physical location? I'm in Elmira....great to have someone so close!
  4. Well posted in another forum, but figured I'd officially introduce myself here. I've been running a Waterbox 180.5 since October, 2020. I'm in Elmira, OR and have lived here most of my adult life. Had a tank years ago and didn't do much research/planning. Purchased the running tank off of Craigslist. It was already dealing with green hair algae, but I didn't know much better. At any rate, due to my lack of planning and research, the tank never got over the ugly phase and I grew frustrated and quit. Fast forward to now, I took more time to plan out my build and learn as much as I could. Still making mistakes here and there, but I feel like I'm much more successful this time and am learning from my mistakes. Tank is stocked several fish (cowfish, tang, clowns, trigger, etc) and mostly softies. Running Apex, Trident, couple MP40s, AI Hyrda 32 HD lights, skimmer and BRS reactors for carbon and rowaphos. Just now getting ready to start a refugium. Great to have this group and look forward to chatting with you all!
  5. Thanks so much! How long did it take to arrive? I guess I should have also started out by mentioning I just joined the group, so hello everyone! Started my tank last October. Scored some coral donations this week and was made aware of this group. Really great to have a somewhat local group
  6. Anybody in Eugene area selling any chaeto or know somwhere that is? Starting a fuge and having a difficult time finding some available online.
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