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  1. Thank you Shane, greatly appreciate your support and your business!
  2. Online only for now but can meet locally if anyone is interested in anything on our website just drop us a line AnglersReefUSA@gmail.com
  3. Thank you everyone, I can already tell that this is a great community and am looking forward to being part of it. My focus is to bring affordable, healthy coral to the community while maintaining exceptional customer service. That being said, I am 100% open to receiving any and all feedback whether it’s good or bad. We want to be better for the animals we take care of and the people we serve in all aspects. SuncrestReef, thank you, I have added my location to the member map. Talkalot82, I am hoping to bring a little more to the area. It seems like the hobby has been losing traction here as there isn’t many quality local shops here. Higher Thinking, I’m currently working on becoming a sponsor, I believe it is a great opportunity. I am working on learning as much as I can about the site and how to be more involved. Totroc3, thank you, I work daily in order to improve the website and make it as user friendly as possible and appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad.
  4. Thank you, This is all new to me so I greatly appreciate the information and advise. We are pretty much neighbors, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. Halen
  5. Hello my name is Halen and I am a hobbyist as well as the owner of Anglers Reef where we sell all types of coral, Orphek LED light bars and Triton Lab ICP tests. I joined this group in order to get more involved in the community, learn new things, help others and build relationships with other community members. My start into the hobby was was not at my free will. A friend of my wife's and I showed us his saltwater aquarium where my wife Brooke, decided she had to have one and pestered me until I caved. The next day we had a 46g bowfront with sand, water and live rock sitting in our living room. Brooke's interest in saltwater left at about the time she found out how long a saltwater aquarium takes to cycle, leaving me, who had no interest in saltwater aquariums, to manage this thing on my own. I wasn't about to throw all the money we has spent down the drain so I decided to ride it out and see where things go. It only took a couple days until the obsession took off, the live rock truly came to life with pods, bristle worms, stomatella snails and brittle stars. It was so interesting to me that I went out and bought more live rock to see what else I could discover. This is when I acquired my first coral, a small button looking polyp on my second piece of live rock. Two days later this little button opened up and there was my very first, green Palythoa. All these years have gone by and if you visit my website, you will find green Palythoa for sale, from my first ever coral. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and if you would like to see my first ever coral, visit my website at https://anglers-reef.com/ and visit the Soft Coral tab.
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