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  1. Thats awesome! I'd love to see a picture if you don't mind. And your clam gets along with everyone? Here's a quick sketch of the layout in my head...
  2. 30gal tank and I mean a giant reef clam. There pretty cool. Friend of mine has one. They are super colorful good at eating up nitrates and other nutrients. They require minimal doping. Here's a picture from Google to give you an idea...
  3. Do you guys think the nems would get along with a giant clam? I'm setting up a nano tank and want a giant clam as my center piece and thought a combo of RFA and Zoas would accent it really well with maybe 2 clowns. Thoughts?
  4. Hey everyone! Question. Does anyone keep rock flower anemones in there tank? If you do how are they? Special care? Friendly with other tank dwellers? Clown fish friendly? Thanks guys!
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