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  1. Where do you get your new rolls from? I got the bubble magnus small(arf-s) and it’s rolls are 102mmx25m. When I do searches I only find the system not just the roll. I will need to replace the roll soon and don’t want to run out
  2. So my tank / stand came with a unbaffled sump that is 10 gals. So I think for now I will baffle it up and see how that works for a while until I upgrade my tank this summer
  3. The stand has 2 doors that are 19”wide x 21” high. The inside is 16” deep. So not sure how big of tank I can fit in there
  4. Would I need to run a protein skimmer if I’m using a roller filter thingy?
  5. My tank already has a in and out hole in the back upper part of tank
  6. I am seriously considering getting a sump and doing away with my canister filters. I have 55 gal tank. Any suggestions on size or brand of sump. I will be using the bubble magnus small filter thingy, a protein skimmer( have a hob, octo90 I thinking, would like to hang on sump), refugium, uv sterilization and my heater in sump
  7. That a great idea, I have 1 and know how to get another one free, container not milk jug that is.
  8. ISO dosing container for alk and cal. Also can cal and mag be mixed together so I can use my dos pump instead of needing another dose pump? Or I guess I could dose mag/sort manually
  9. i really should set up my dos/trident to auto dosBut I need to get dosing containers and probably some bulk alk and calcium. Can you combine the calc and mag Chems in 1 container or does mag also need its own container?
  10. I’m guess I got if 3 people spammed their 10 chances we would have a winner
  11. Free corals are the best corals, I’m betting people are waiting till it gets closer and then will spam their 10 chances
  12. My alk is now around 8.3 and calc is 417and mag is 1550. My ph has been running 7.75 -7.95 in a 24hr cycle for a while now. I have co2 absorption media on intake of skimmer. I’m not sure how else to address the low ph. Without increasing my alk. Any suggestions?
  13. This is the view from my place in salmon creek
  14. I’m sure this goes without saying but make sure if you use a gem that you have good ventilation and a carbon monoxide detectors in your living areas
  15. I have 3 clowns, 3 anemone, 1 scopis, 1 sailfin, 3 dams, 1 wrasse, 1 two stripe gobie, lawnmower blennie and 2 pajamas. 55 gal, running uv sterilization. 2 canister filter, protein skimmer, in tank refugium. Only Skeletor (the tang) has the spots. And they don’t quite look like coliflower but it is solid looking chunks of white
  16. So, are the white spots from infection from aggression or something else?
  17. this shows the spots on it’s underbelly better
  18. Not sure what is going on from Google it looks like either inch or fin rot. Anyone know what it is and what I should do about it?
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