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  1. I have some mature mini colonys for sale Prices very Shocker $65 Blue steel 12.5 inch fragsbig colony $150 Blue steel 8 inch frags $85 Vivid rainbow frags $55 Tierra del fuago frags $55 ASD Acid Trip frags mini colony $65 All mini clonys are fully encrusted and have been fully healed
  2. I have some joker torches for sale 100$ a head looking for cash only no trade
  3. Hey everyone one I have a single head left of insanity jester for sale asking 400 someone bailed on me just pm for more details
  4. Looking g for the fellow who wanted to trade aquaticman for acid trip lost your #
  5. Jordan

    SPS Frags for sale

    I have some sps for sale 1.walt disney $ 1" $65 2.vivid rainbow 1" $50 3.ASD Acid Trip 1" $50 4.Green Slimmer 1"$30 4.Raw steel stag 1"$35, 3"$50 5.Birds Nest thicker branched 1.5"$30 6. Tierra Del Fuago 1"$50 7.Shocker 1"$45 8.Red planet 1"$50 This list is cut to order I have some available but I do mostly cut to order heal time is 2 weeks
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