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  1. Ok. If you could come by on Saturday between 2-5pm that would be great. Text me for address on Saturday am
  2. GSP rock is approx 5 inches cardinal is kaudern I think (black and white) clowns are 40 for pair
  3. Oh, forgot to mention, I’m in NE PDX, Alberta and NE 20th
  4. Leaving the hobby for a while, prices are open negotiation coral box skimmer $150 Josh 503-329-5741 I’m located in NE Portland in the Alberta arts district
  5. Hi, I have a marine aquarium with fish, soft corals, live rock and equipment. I need to leave the hobby and sell my stuff. Where do I go to post this?



    1. Chief


      You would post in the classifieds forum.  They are in the process of changing the rules.  I believe your post will need to be approved after you post.  Also all items must have prices.  Good luck with the sale.  Also post your location.  Our group covers Oregon and southern Washington.   

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