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  1. Blue tank & Naso tang not for sale I honestly cant remember the type of return pump ill know more when can take it out. sorry thats not much info. free this weekend if anyone wants to come take a look just text
  2. Selling mostly everything in my 125g Acrylic peninsula tank. tank has been running for over 2 years. Edit: If you want to come over this weekend now is the time just let me know Tank and stand 300 obo Equipment: I'm not sure model types. need to sell live stock before I sell equipment Protein skimmer $25 Light (Aqua light system) (1) $150 Return Pump $50 BRS Carbon reactor with media $45 400W Titanium Heater (Aquatop) $25 Gyre Pump (Ice Cap) $40 Honestly Not sure where to start. Rocks and corals 1st I guess. (Elegance Coral is not for
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