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  1. That is fine I understand stand that and thanks for option.
  2. Would love to add some more color to my tank. Noobie question, would sps be ok in a new tank about two months up and running and not dosing right now but have the stuff to do so and would be willing to ship and I would cover it?
  3. Lol my female clown would probably kill it, she is even rough on the male at time. I don't have a lid installed, I do have one from red sea to put together but up in air about installing it. I would live a flamed angle but I heard they don't play nice with other angles.
  4. I just about have all my fish in from my stock list and I there is a lot of room left and could use some ideas to help stock the rest of my 100g. I currently have a pair of clowns, 3 green chomis, and a coral beauty. The only other fish i would like to add is a yellow tang in a couple of months when i start to get an algae growth for him and the coral beauty. I would like to add a rtba for the clowns in a couple of months as well but other than that no other plans for now.
  5. But wait there us more for only 35 dollars and a small shipping and handling fee we can send you a second one.
  6. @SuncrestReefdo you use a dosing pump or just a powerhead. If I plumb it off my holding tank I would need a way to tell the pump to kick on since I don't have a controller yet. I was thinking of using a pressure switch at the holding tank to kill the pump and when the float opened up it will turn the pump on and stop it when it hit a certain pressure.
  7. I got a reservoir in my sump that I installed a float system to keep it full, but doing so it seems im burning through my di resin really fast. I don't have an auto flush system on my ro/di system, was thinking of adding one if that will help or should I come off my ro/di holding tank.
  8. I see that TapaTalk is coming back with their Pro version and pushing it hard on people. I agree Higher Thinker this is the first time i've been on in over a week.
  9. Well after being up for a month now figured i would post my results and see how things looked. I've never tested calcium, mag and alkalinity until last night even in my old tank.
  10. I picked them up from Ryan on saturday. I'm going to move them up on the rock tomorrow. They looks so much better with the blues on but can't see anything with them on.
  11. Any news on the update?
  12. Yeah still plays dead every once in awhile tho. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  13. Only thing im seeing is BMWs recall Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
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