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  1. The only soft corals I have left are these hearty Mushroooms. Time to kill some Aptasia.
  2. This tank is still for sale. this is an old pic but still same fish, just a year older now. Lots of live rock and items for sale. Gonna have to shut down soon. Hate to shut down until I get a home for the rock and fish...
  3. Yes, I have a beautiful Angel Flame that is Orange with purple strips. Vibrant colors. I bought this fish in October 2018 for $56( found my receipt from that day). I have feed and grown it bigger. Not sure what price to put on it. Haven't sold any fish in past. Make me an offer .... I live in Selah, WA- near Yakima.
  4. This tank was built in 2009. We started it up brand new in 2010. It is still up and running. Lots of live rock. Only mushroom soft corals present. Fish: The one large Sailfin tang. One orange with purple stripes- Angel?, 2 clownfish, 2 Kauderns cardinals, and a blue Damsel. message me if interested.
  5. This tank is beautiful! It is the 300 Marineland Starfire corner flo. Glass is beautiful, special starfire makes viewing from front panel spectacular. All the live rock and fish are included. Pretty much everything goes with. LED lights, skimmer, sump, RO system, product, food, etc. The base wood frame needs to be rebuilt. Some water damage there. You will need a sturdy floor for this big tank! Extremely heavy when full!!
  6. If the Reef Box is going to buy this, he gets everything. If not, I will repost my status. I believe it may be sold.
  7. This tank is actually 300 gallon. It is a Marineland tank, very well built (2009). I have alot of live rock. I am using Kalkwasser to kill Aptasia, I know the tank is pretty dirty in this photo which was taken a few years ago. Everything goes with the tank. I have a large amount of live rock. It can be sold separately if someone is wanting rock. We paid at least $1,000 for the live rock 10 years ago.. I have a couple of new backup pumps, protein skimmer, lots of seaweed, and charcoal, calcium, etc...The RO system goes too. I am considering disassembling within the next month or so. I will take my livestock to a friend. So, let me know if interested. This tang is a big boy.
  8. 250 gal reef glass tank. Measures 35 x 71 x 28". Led light bars, lots of large live rock. many supplies with it. $900 or make me an offer. 509-949-7217 Lisa M.
  9. Hi. Lisa Monson from Selah, Wa. New to this. I have a 250+ Gallon, glass of course, reef tank. Am considering selling it. Been up and running for 10 years now. I have mixed feelings about it. It started out my husbands thing. I have long since taken it over. We have a large Sail Fin Tang, and some other fish. With this large tank, they do well and grow nicely. The ones not shown are Kauherns Cardinal fish, 2 of them, and a green Blenny about 4 inches long. Do any of you all live anywhere near central washington?
  10. Hi there. I have a large 250 gallon reef tank and am considering selling the whole thing. It has been up and running for 10 years now. I have one large Sail Fin Tang, and a few smaller fish. Orange & purple Angel, Green Blenny, two Kauderns Cardinals, two orange and white Clowneys, and a damsel that is brilliant blue. I also have lots of live rock. If anyone is interested message me.
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