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  1. Starry Blenny and Red Hawk fish are my 2 favorites for personality edit: reef safe that is. Puffies are the best if corals aren’t an issue.
  2. So I don't know if this is normal or not, but my dog faced puffer sifts the sand to eat cyano algae in my FOWLR tank. I went to clean the glass today and was scraping some big chunks of cyano off the glass....when along comes dog face thinking it's feeding time. He ate every last scrap of cyano I scraped off the glass for him. Is this normal? I never heard of them doing this (and yes, he is very well fed with shrimp every day).
  3. .85 with the latest test Maybe phosphates were too high for a long time and I lowered them too quickly. I guess time will tell. Moral of the story: Never buy acros
  4. Phosphates test came back at .76 and .82 🤔
  5. I read your post on lanthium chloride an actually thought that would be worse without a testing kit since it can nuke the phosphates if too much is used. I thought I was better off with phosguard running intermittently since it just reduces phosphates that flow through the media reactor and is more of a "half life" type of application because it's not capturing 100% of the water flow. Without a testing kit I think phosguard is safer but now that I'm going to be testing I'll probably switch so I don't have to use a media reactor. Really I just need space for a proper fuge, but I'm in a re
  6. Thanks for the advice, I think you guys are right it was the phosguard since I was running it more and had just changed it. Fed some mysis and used a 2X dose or RR to get the phosphates back up ASAP. Thanks for the offer PDXmonkeyboy I sincerely appreciate it, but I'm in Rogue River, OR and my Hanna tester arrives today anyway. Luckily the strawberry shortcake acro was my only loss so far and all my other sticks are ok ATM. Gonna test from now on, should have been doing that all along 🤦‍♂️
  7. Just found out I've been using the Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+ unrefrigerated if that helps. Doing massive water change now.
  8. Been pretty stable for a while now but my strawberry shortcake acro hasn't been looking great (less color) and also the Fire and Ice zoas nearby have been losing their orange color - turning into just solid purple. Then this morning half the shortcake frag was bleached completely. The only thing I've done differently in the past 2 weeks is run Phosguard more (I run it more when my colors aren't popping) and using 40% the recommended dose of "Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+" a day because I wasn't using an amino product prior to this. I also inject this product pretty close to these corals, b
  9. I've got a hungry pair of Harlequins that haven't eaten for about 2 weeks since I last dropped a CC starfish in the tank for them. Today I dropped a few asterinas in the tank for a snack and they started fighting. The big one ripped the "claw" arm off the small one's body and slashed the other claw arm so bad that it's flapping in the breeze. I never knew they fought this hard over food. Lesson learned - no more small meals for these guys. The small one looks wrecked!
  10. Someone once told me that if you see colored spots on the asterina it's from eating corals. Anyone else have an opinion on that?
  11. I got a used tank and have been battling phosphates since the day I got it. Did 20% water changes weekly for a couple months and then finally got phosguard (brand name GFO). Worked great until it worked too great and saw some things suffering. In my tank I have a "canary in the coal mine" that alerts me to low phosphates - a cynarina that shrivels up when phosphates get too low. So now I run phosguard one hour a day during the night cycle and everything is very happy. Also you might want to consider High Capacity GFO. It can absorb twice as much phosphate b
  12. Mine laid some eggs too but I didn't see any hatch. Just stayed on the glass for a week or 2 and didn't do anything.
  13. That's a christata if I'm not mistaken. I have an identical one. It's a gorgeous piece.
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