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  1. Hey reefers. I’m wanting to run an experiment on my 40breeder tank for coloring up the front of acros. Seeing if anyone has a few of these type of 36” T5 fixtures laying around before going out and buy them new. Pic for example. Coral trades preferred (as it’s a test) but shoot me dm if you have some with price. Located in Vancouver Wa.
  2. The micro ones are hard to tell the polarity. Just kept moving it around until I found it on the spot. No soldiering done one the video nor heat gun. Just putting it on.
  3. Ya, not sure about his experience with the manufacturing part or actually doing the soldering but I’d love to learn more!
  4. Is there anyone here that happens to be highly proficient with LEDs and soldering? I have a very basic understanding of electronics and soldering mainly from my old touring band days and putting together cables and wiring up guitars, but I have recently gotten into considering modding LEDs. I recently modded out my Viparspectra 300w and that was super easy with the bigger diodes. But I do have some Bar LEDs that was a 50/50 blue and white spectrum that I wanted to consider modding. The issue I am running into is they are the small form factor LEDs that appear to have solider under the diode and I’m not sure how to solder these. I then tried removing the LEDs, which then seemed to short out the connection and then not having the other diodes work properly. When I line one of the removed diodes back on, I can get the others to flicker but no idea what’s happening at this point. If there’s anyone on here with experience in this process, I’d love to learn more and gain some more experience with LED lighting. cheers FullSizeRender.mov
  5. I love the club to connect with awesome people and getting to talk reef with people who also care about the same hobby in the area. And the information shared is always useful. I’d nominate @Emerald525because Kim is an awesome person and this coral would look killer in her Lagoon.
  6. Got this single chamber large 50g “square” sump. 31”x34x11” 1/2” thick acrylic. Has a section for overflow plumbing > two big filter cups > bubble trap into one main section. Great sump for bigger systems and or live rock storage. $250 obo. Open to trades for some higher end acros. located in Vancouver WA.
  7. @Taylorhardy1we have had one interaction where I got a metal halide from you for some coral in a trade and I thought it was a positive experience. I am sorry you feel any injustice was done against you and I’d likely feel the same if I had a number of experiences like yours. I will personally say I do not like the forum medium as much as Facebook groups more so because of the anonymity of the structure. I like to put names with faces and this structure doesn’t lead well for that (probably why I just use my name for anyone who wants to connect). Or maybe it’s easier for people to bid through a forum and why you have some experiences. But that is neither here nor there. I can say that the last few years of being in the reef hobby, I am very thankful for the reefers in this area regardless if they came from this forum or the local FB groups. I’ve found an overwhelming majority to be hospitable, friendly and good natured. Not greedy with frags or low ball pricing to the point of offense. I can only think of a single younger guy who fits the description you gave and I know he has been banned from the forum, Facebook groups and even some local shops. There are some bad apples out there but I do not feel that’s a justifiable reason to make such a mass generality of an entire group of people. I do wish you luck and hope that you can get back into reef keeping for the joy of it regardless of which platform or group you choose to go with.
  8. DaveZ

    Looking for zoas

    How high end are you looking for?
  9. Anyone have an extra Gen4 XR15 Pro (with diffuser preferred)? No need for mounts, but hoping to have the little screw in eyelets. I have cash or coral trades if you’re interested.
  10. @Emerald525Ya, I have the Tunze 9001 that I have currently running on the 40breeder setup. Not sure if this fits in any of the chambers within the Nuvo 25 lagoon. I have the Nuvo20 and it does not fit in the first or second chamber. I have seen people mod the back chamber to fit them, but keep in mind these nano skimmers really need level water, so if you do plan on modding in the back chamber getting a really reliable ATO is necessary. Shoot me a DM if you are interested...or better yet send me a FB message because I am rarely on this forum.
  11. Did you want this one? If so feel free to shoot me a text at (206) 930-9952 Dave
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