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  1. I have a large piece of green Star polyp. Estimating it at around 4.5x4 inches. It is a bit darker green than the typical gsp and it has a light green center instead of the typical white. Very long polyp extension as well. I’m thinking $20 but if u wanna trade I’m also open to that as well. Located in lake Oswego
  2. Selling a Blastomussa merletti. Red with green mouth. 20+ polyps growing in a ball shape. $40. Open to trades too Located in Lake Oswego
  3. Selling a tyree long polyp neon green toadstool. Medium size $20 located in Lake Oswego sold mods please close
  4. I’m looking to make my tank a little less complicated and I’m selling my apex jr, my dos, and my apex auto feeder. The apex has a temp probe as well $100 for the controller $260 for the dos $75 for the auto feeder $400 if you buy everything I would also be open to trade for higher end coral because of the virus, I’m fine with holding the items for you if you want to wait until it is over. located in lake Oswego
  5. I’m in LO if u ever come down here feel free to pick up some utter chaos palys for cheap. When I was in Eugene there was a pretty nice fish store there. Don’t remember the name but I think they have other animals also.
  6. I have a large colony of Pandora’s and utter chaos. About 20 polyps on each. Pandora’s are $3 per polyp and utter chaos are $5. Let me know how many polyps you want and I will cut them for u. I’m in lake Oswego
  7. I’m betting may or June will be the time to do it actually
  8. Bro u know I don’t have much acros yet but someday I would love to get a head of that
  9. But seriously though what would u be willing to take😂
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