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  1. 2 Rainbow RBT Anemones $30 each Located in Lake Oswego
  2. As title states, I’m looking for some photosynthetic gorgonians. I’m in the Portland area
  3. About a foot by 6 inches. Just wanna get it outa my tank cuz it’s taking up too much real estate and I don’t rlly know what to price this at so I’m just gonna give it away for free. Located in lake Oswego
  4. So I think this may be a cup coral but I’m not completely sure. It’s about 12 inches by 6 inches. I just want it out of my tank ASAP cuz it’s taking up way too much real estate. It’s free and I’m located in lake Oswego
  5. Asking $20. I’m open to a trade as well. It has 11 eyes or 11 mouths I forget what they are called for favias lol. Located in Lake Oswego
  6. Selling this for $80. Perfect condition and has been cleaned of any previous fish food residue. I have the long cable for it too as well. Located in lake Oswego
  7. I have a large piece of green Star polyp. Estimating it at around 4.5x4 inches. It is a bit darker green than the typical gsp and it has a light green center instead of the typical white. Very long polyp extension as well. I’m thinking $20 but if u wanna trade I’m also open to that as well. Located in lake Oswego
  8. Selling a Blastomussa merletti. Red with green mouth. 20+ polyps growing in a ball shape. $40. Open to trades too Located in Lake Oswego
  9. Selling a tyree long polyp neon green toadstool. Medium size $20 located in Lake Oswego sold mods please close
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