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  1. Everything works. I'm near Portland.
  2. I have a tunze for the smaller tanks for sale.
  3. I need some help with setting up the proflux4. I've been trying for 2 days and it won't connect to the app and I cannot get it set up. I've watched all the videos they put out, but theirs works easily and mine doesn't. So if anyone has experience and is local to Portland, I could really use some help. I would really appreciate it 🙏
  4. I'm looking for 1 to 2 polyp frags of zoanthids that are above 100 per frag. If you have any please reply with a picture of them.
  5. KH1985

    JF Bloodshots

    I have some growing out now.
  6. Both of those and a good feed pump / dosing pump.
  7. Looking for calcium reactor equipment so I can finish setting mine up.
  8. KH1985

    Leather corals

    Does anyone want leather corals I have some frags that I can't trade at a lfs? Willing to part with all of the devils hand leather if someone wants it. Big brown devils hand leather is the mother.I have 2 small frags like this.
  9. KH1985

    Cherub angelfish

    So I have a cherub angelfish in my tank that is kind of becoming a bully fish. This is the most aggressive I've seen the fish act. I added a very small sailfin tang today and the angel just wants to kill it. Ten minutes of them in the tank together and the sailfin tang has a damaged fin. Ive tried to net the angel to let the tang swim free, but can't net the angel. Anyone else have trouble with cherub angelfish becoming aggressive? That pvc is 1.5 inch diameter
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