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  1. Can I pick one up on Saturday or Sunday?
  2. I also got my cuc with them this week and they all came in healthy and happy. I did upgrade the shipping to overnight. I think there free shipping would of been sufficient.
  3. I bought some chaeto from them this week and it came with bristle worms. Threw it out.
  4. Welcome to the forums
  5. I have two low boys brand new in the box for sale $75 each
  6. Savo

    Looking for zoas

    @EMeyer do you do local pickup?
  7. I saw a couple Red Sea tanks on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace
  8. Savo

    Eye candy

    Looks awesome. I would love to see a picture of the whole tank
  9. Your tank looks awesome. I’m looking at upgrading to the same tank. What overflow did you go with?
  10. What kind of tank is that? It’s gorgeous
  11. how much where they selling the black storm?
  12. Love your tank and the scolymia is incredible. Where did you pick that up?
  13. $650 for both of them with goosenecks and controller
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