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  1. I have a Innovative Marine 20 Gallon Drop Off Tank for sale?
  2. I feed my anemones a good saltwater sinking pellet, probably one of the best ways to get total nutrition to corals.
  3. I have a colony and have a couple of multiple head Frags. I live in the Seattle area but am not opposed to shipping. Send me a message and we can discuss.
  4. I have a Digital Aquatics Reek Keeper Elite I just took off a tank I was planning on selling? PM me if you are interested.
  5. Sorry I have pictures but couldn't re size the files from my ipad, if you are interested please send me a message and I can email them.
  6. I have two genuine Colorado Sunburst Bubble Tip Anemone's for sale, originally purchased from Elite Reefs in Denver, Colorado. Both about 4 inches in diameter, both were grown under Ecotech Radion LED's. Asking $400 Located in Seattle, WA so I could ship at a extra cost.
  7. I have a used Ecotech Marine XR15 Pro light for sale. This was used over a 45 gallon cube tank that I have recently taken down. I also have the RMS light mount, I am asking $400 for both. I live in Seattle so buyer would have to pay for shipping.
  8. Anyone interested in pieces of I break it up and part it out?
  9. I would like to keep this together, price lowered to $250.
  10. Selling Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Elite Controller, used on a tank I recently took down so it is no longer needed. Comes complete with: 2 - PC4 power strips (8 outlets) 1 - Net Module 1 - SL1 Module 1 - SLX Module (switchable ph/orp) 1 - Temp Probe 1 - PH Probe All cables needed to get it running included. Asking $300
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