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  1. nice looking.. I have one and it has now divided three times... its cool to see them do this...
  2. Ah, and I was gonna order 2 of them...............................yea right... wow.. I would have to stand guard over my tank day and night to sure it was doing ok.... guess I'll stick with the $5.00 frags...
  3. Thanks for all the answers. One thing I tried aiptaisia-x on two of them..... Me thinks it pissed them off, now there seem to be more of them... : )
  4. I have these guys popping up around my tank.. do you know what they are and should I get rid of them.. tom
  5. wondering if anyone else has tried these lights.. I have four on my tank "night lights" they run about an hr or two before my MH comes on and then my 4 leds turn off. They also run an hour after the Mh goes out.. sometimes run them longer at night just for enjoyment of looking at tank... again these work great.. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10128734
  6. My Hats off to Tim at Westside Aqu. I had been fighting higher than normal nirates in my tanks... I've gone to just about every shop in town.. but nothing worked, coal, filter change 2-3 times a week, chemicals, huge water change etc(flame).. found Tim's place he ask me to check my skimmer for a weeks work and if X did not = Z need to change it.. So bought a new larger skimmer from Tim... within 2 weeks my nits are at zero..(clap) only one water change 20 gals for treating algae... So again Thanks to Tim......................tom(laugh)
  7. Or a dragon wasser, put one in my tank, not only did he move my coral but he ate everything in the sand, they he made huge piles in the back of the rocks... Then to top that off I had to remove all the rock just to catch him..............yes fun times around the tank that night...
  8. Question?? in post three, middle pic, what is the name of the popies.. nice.. oh and nice tank...
  9. Yes I've been using plusrite blubs for "well my wife has" for awhile. They seem to do just fine, my 20k is too blue for my liking.. so I went to the 14 plusrite.. great bulbs so far.. been running same ones for almost a year now..
  10. What can I say other than everytime I go to Tim's my wallet is always somehow lighter on the way home.. Just bought a new skimmer from tim.. and man is it working GREAT my nit's are down to 5.. Can't wait to get started on the hard coral again......................crap... that's goin to cost me... see you soon Tim.................tom
  11. thanks for the great welcome.. My wife signed up here what? a couple years ago but she never ever post.. She just told me about this site last night and so here I am posting.. One question?? how do you upload pics here? have a few of my tank I want to share and get your input.... thanks... Tom
  12. Hi new this site but not really new to the hobby, wife, bless her heart..grrrrr.. started this hobby a couple years ago. Since then I have really gotten into it. She had a 55 gal hex tank, and soon ran out of room "funny how that happens in this hobby" anyway my work has me traveling are over Oregon SW Washington. found a 90 gallon tank and stand for 150 buck.. its been up and running for about 6 months now... And woun't you know it... dammm, now I'm looking at a 180 gallon... took a serous coral crash about 1.5 month ago.."lazy" all my fault. System back up and starting to look good. Have n
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