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  1. In the past the PNWMAS forums website was always reported in web browsers as "Not Secure" since it was not using encrypted browsing (using HTTP instead of HTTPS). Thanks to @TheClark, we are now using encryption, so the site is now reported as Secure:
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  2. Thanks for noting this @SuncrestReef, its a nice thing to fix up for sure.
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  3. 48x32x16 with single piece euro brace, coast to coast external overflow 2(dual lockline returns) wood stand and very nice red devil sump I am selling for basic cost (wholesale of materials) tank $250 Overflow/bulkheads/lockline $150 sump $200 packaged at 600. This wholesale cost can be nice shallow display or very nice frag tank Will be cleaned up prior to pick up. Just took it down I will have another thread with lots of other high end reef equipment soon
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  4. We have a bunch coming in as well. Nice to see them back.
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