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Melanurus wrasse and Dwarf Lionfish Video


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Well I can't get a pic but I could get video(clap). Thought I would share. He seems pretty active at searching for nudi's, and from what I saw today and tonight he is petty good at it too. I couldn't catch that on video but I did get him for those who can't find a pic of one but are looking for a wrasse to eat flat worms and such.


Here is my Dwarf Lionfish "Richie" swimming around, I know this doesn't sound so special, but normall he is hiding in my rock work . Sorry for the additional commentary on the video, my mom is absolutely fascinated with the lionfish


This video shows pretty much all of my fish, including the lion acting more like his normal day to day. I don't have a lot of fish, just too many for my tank. Not to mention that it is probably not the best combination of fish, but it is nice to look at....for now.


Sorry for the dirty glass. Yes, I know my tank is small for the tang, About twice a week is swims around like that. The cleaner shrimp is no longer here, as my tang killed it after recieving a thorough cleaning. Which apparently is very odd. Everyone I have told the story to has just looked at me with disbelief looks on their faces.

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Cool videos! I would seriously consider either setting up another tank for your lion fish or tradeing him it in to one of your local fish stores. I know it really sucks that people keep recommending this to you but they have really good reason to do so. In a very short time the lion will undoubtably eat almost every fish in your tank. He will also create a large amount of waste that could reak havoc on your tanks nutrient levels. He will also start to get too big for your tank very shortly, some might even say that he is too big now.


Just think... Set up another tank and make it a fish only/aggressive tank. Then you can keep all the cool non reef compatible fish that you like. I have thought about doing this myself, but just don't find fish as interesting as all of the other things in our reef tanks.



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Lion is super tiny. He is the reason I am looking for molly's to raise. Try to have food on demand for him. Was even thinking of trying to see if I can just get them to live in main tank to make babies more accessible to the lion, but I have doubts and too many fish already

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