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Yasha Goby Behavior


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About a month ago, I added a Yasha Goby and Pistol Shrimp to my tank. It took almost two weeks for the shirmp to get the caves to my Gobies standards, but he did eventually move in. I watched this pair with great interest for about two weeks. Every night the goby would stand guard of the entrance, and then they would bury themselves in again every night. It was really a great addition to my small tank. However, as of this past friday, I haven't seen the goby. I see the shrimp occasionally, but no sign of the goby. I have been watching my ammonia to make sure I don't have a decaying fish, and have seen no noticible spike. Is this normal behavior? How long should I wait until I tear my tank apart looking for him? Thanks in advance.

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Yasa Found


Well, after two weeks of not seeing the Yasa, I located him last night in the back chamber of my BioCube 14. I was able (after many hours of trying) to get him out of the back chamber and back into the tank. I am interested to see how long it takes him to get back together with my pistol shrimp. Hopefully not to long, as I really enjoy watching them together.

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