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Freshwater livestock anyone?


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I am breaking down a 29 gallon and have the following that I need to sell:


one pair of Apistogramma macmasteri

about 10 black neon tetras

one siamese algae eater

one bamboo shrimp


A ton of plants including java fern, java moss, riccia, Cryptocoryne spiralis and various Anubia species. I would also be willing to sell it all, tank, lights, etc. if someone wanted the whole setup. This stuff is going to be priced to sell.





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Hi Beckie,


I am going to sell the apistos and a few of the plants tomorrow. I would be willing to sell everything else (tank, substrate, plants, fish, heater, thermometer and power filter) for $75. The hood is homemade and is made of pine and has four compact fluorescents and two fluorescent tubes inside. If your friend is interested, in can send pictures.




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