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Waves Marine & Reef LLC Up for Sale.


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My wife and I have made a very hard discussion recently; we have chosen to put Waves Marine & Reef LLC up for sale. Although I love what I do, I need to move on. Ive owned Waves for 3.5 years and I have loved my time here! I had a dream to own a reef store, and I have done it! For me now however, I need to move on. Being self employed does offer a lot of opportunity and flexibility, but I sure miss my weekends and paid vacations.


If you or someone you know is interested in getting into the reef aquarium business, please contact me.


We are not going anywhere any time soon, so don’t fret if you have a project in the works, store credit or something to return.


Thank you for all your support of Waves Marine, and please don’t stop! Please continue to support Waves Marine for all your aquarium needs!


Joel Retzlaff


Waves Marine & Reef LLC

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What are you thinking.......... closing the doors at some point in time and selling everything off?




Staying open until the entire business sells?


I dont know yet, Im not racing into anything, but my lease is up August/September so Ill have to decide by then if I want to renew it or not.

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Joel...you will be missed! I hope everything works out for the best.




Hope we'll still see you now and again on the boards. We'll miss you!



I wont be going anywhere :) I love this hobby and frankly, Im looking forward to the days when I can enjoy working on my own aquarium again. Maybe now I can finally be on the board of PNWMAS! (laugh)

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I will be very sorry when your gone. I drive a fair way to stop in and never minded the trip. I do however know that you and your family will enjoy less time demands.

Thanks for all your newbie help! I will still be in as long as your around.



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I hope the shop doesn't go anywhere! I really enjoy going to waves!


Joel, Will you still be building tanks until you sell your shop?



Ryan I will be building tanks until the day I no longer own Waves, and I will build them after that day unless it has to be part of a non compete etc. Obviously any tank build I sell prior to a signed purchase agreement will still happen, I just might have to take cash or paypal since I wont have access to the credit card machine. I hope to work something out to be able to continue to make tanks from home. It all depends on how things pan out!

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Hey Joel,


Sorry to hear that you have decided to sell but I hope that decision works out well for you and the family. Lots of transitions going on out there right now but some seem to be leading to good things for folks so I will keep my fingers crossed that your's will be another success story.


Thanks for providing a top notch LFS for us addicts for the last three years - you will be leaving some pretty big shoes to fill!



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Thanks for your continued support! I have more interest that I expected, the challenge Im afraid is going to be getting a bank to lend to make it happen.


I will offer a hefty referal bonus to anyone that gets me hooked up with a buyer that pans out.

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