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Only two days left to make your voice heard


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I got mine sent in, as well as sending it to all the addys in my yahoo email. (clap) My lil bro is gonna try and get all the reef shops in our hometown (TX) to send an email. (rock2) Let's try and get as many people as we can to make sure that HR 669 is the one that ends up being put to sleep and not our little buddies. (wife)

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Just one more day!!!


:) I agree with some points but not all. No matter what happens I don't believe this bill will pass as currently written. And I know it wont be something that happens over night. It has a lot of Big time supporters on it's side AS IS though.


I don't think they down sides have been explained to the public. This would kill off all the small businesses that do pets and pet supplies. Not more fish stores, distributors, bird shops, pet shops, even loosing petco and petsmart. Sure there will always be a supply needed for dogs and cats but there will be a huge loss for our counrty as well. Stores will close and there will be more layoffs as well as makers of those supplies will layoff more. there has to be a happy medium and this bill isn't there yet in my opinion.


I thank you for all who have made their voice heard whether for it, against it, or somewhere in between. This is what it's all about.

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