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Quick Chemiclean question about when to turn on skimmer again...


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In the instructions it says the following:


-Water Change- After a full treatment, 48 hrs, you should do a minimum of 20% waterchange.

-After treatment and waterchange you can put back your carbon filtration


-24 hrs after treatment, you may turn back on your skimmer


Now does that last bit mean 24 hrs after first putting the chemiclean in, or 24 hrs after the waterchange??


How would you interpret it?

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I always turned my skimmer back on when I did my water change and put carbon in...48 hours after adding chemiclean...Once you do water change, consider "treatment" over, despite residual left in tank...be aware skimmer will go crazy for 24 hours at least, foaming like a rabid dog...Good luck

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