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Moving Sale, Selling it all.


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Bought a new house and have some big plans on addons and whatnot which will keep me very busy for the next long while. Just won't have much time to spend on the tank so I thought I would put it up for sale. Price is $850 firm. I will seperate the dry goods if I sell all the livestock to one person, which I want $400 for. Theres just way to much stuff to list, so rest assured you have to see this in person to see all you get.



Equipment -

- 34g Solana

- Solana Stand

- 14000k HQI - 150w - 14k Pheonix Bulb

- Tunze nano skimmer + SteveT collection cup

- BRS Dual GFO and Carbon Reactor (can run GFO and Carbon on the same pump at same time)

- DJ Power Strip

- Azoo Fan (4 fan unit)

- Light timers

- 5.5g ATO resivoir

- ATO setup

- Koralia Nano

- Koralia #1

- Maxijet 1200 (upgraded from stock pump on solana)

- Maxijet 900 (to run the BRS reactor)

- 10qt tank ( Comes with light, glass cover, HOB filter)

- Koralia Nano

- 50w Stealth Heater

- 50w Stealth Heater

- 150w Stealth Heater

- Lots of Kalkwasser

- Half Bucket Of salt


- Filter Floss

- Lots Of Carbon

- MagFloats

- Refractormeter

- Test Kits

- Lots of fish food

- 100+ Frag Plugs

- Eggcrate Top

- Phyto and copepod culturing station. (Includes pumps, gang valves, lights, tubing,EVERYTHING!)


Live Stuff-

- Yellow Watchman Goby (Paired up with pistol)

- Tiger Pistol Shrimp ( Paired with goby)

- Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

- FeatherDuster Large

- Conch

- Lots of Nassarius snails

- Lots of astrea snails

- $30lb/s of fully cured and covered in coraline algae live rock

- 30 lb/s of live sand



- Torch ( Coolest looking one ever, always get compliments on it)

- Frogspawn

- Orange/Blue Ricordia's

- Bright Pink Yumas

- Red Yumas

- Nuclear Greens

- Purple Deaths

- Magicians

- Armor Of Gods

- Tub Blues

- Horizons

- Bam Bams

- Watermellons

- Green Bay Packers

- Lunar Eclipse

- PPE?

- Fire And Ice

- Ring Of Fire

- Dragon Eyes

Tons of other awesome Zoas/Rics/Yumas.


I am going to add just a few pictures so you get the idea of my livestock.










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